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September 13, 2007 // 10:19 pm - Never ones to circumvent a controversy, Take-Two ruffled more than a few feathers with the inclusion of exceptionally talented football star and questionably acquitted murder suspect OJ Simpson in All-Pro Football 2K8. The move was made all the more controversial, considering Simpson could be assigned to the fictional Assassins team, knife-wielding mascot and all.

In August, Reuters reported that Simpson was to fork over royalties paid to him for his appearance in the game to the family of Ron Goldman as part of the still-outstanding $33.5 million civil suit judgment against the Juice. However, at the time, it was not revealed, exactly, how much Simpson received, though he was also ordered to turn over any legal documentation associated with the deal.

Sleuthing through the contract between Take-Two and Simpson, TheStreet has discovered that OJ received $50,000 for lending his likeness to the football sim. Simpson was paid in two installments, with $25,000 exchanging hands shortly after signing onto the game in January and the remainder disbursed upon All-Pro 2K8's release in July. The contract also notes that, were it renewed for two more years, Simpson would receive a further $50,000.

OJ squeezed out $50K for All-Pro 2K8

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