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February 28, 2011 // 2:22 pm - As a follow-up to our previous article, today the civil court of justice in the Hague has granted LG a preliminary injunction that will see all new PlayStation 3 consoles imported into Europe confiscated by customs for at least ten days leaving only a few weeks worth of PS3 stock left in the channel.

To quote from MCVUK: "Shipments of PS3 consoles have been seized by European customs officers as an LG injunction against Blu-ray technology seeks to block Sony products from sale, according to a report in The Guardian this afternoon.

Earlier this month, LG had filed a claim with the International Trade Commission calling for a block on PS3 sales, saying the device infringes on its copyrights.

The technology firm claims its rival's Blu-ray disc devices use four patented technologies while, Bravia TVs infringe another four.

At the time, the firm said it wanted to have sales of the PS3 (which plays Blu-rays) and other products banned.

And now, surprisingly, its got its way. The Guardian reports that an initial injunction has now been granted by the civil court of justice in the Hague, leading to all new imports of PS3s to be confiscated."

All I can say is hahahaha owned

LG Wins Injunction Against Sony, PS3 European Shipments Seized

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#54 - shummyr - March 1, 2011 // 1:29 pm
shummyr's Avatar
All I have to say is that what goes around comes around.

#53 - Glassice - March 1, 2011 // 12:57 pm
Glassice's Avatar
I like it's mobile phones (LG).

#52 - OGroteKoning - March 1, 2011 // 9:53 am
OGroteKoning's Avatar
Oh goody gumdrops ... but how doth the wheel turn!! One of these days the PS3 will be rebranded to the LGPS3 ... and the PS3 slogan will change to "It only does everything LG tells us to make it do". I would love to see the settlement figure - there is now way the PS3 will remain banned in any country.

#51 - bitsbubba - March 1, 2011 // 9:46 am
bitsbubba's Avatar
it seems $ony can't bully everyone.

#50 - SinnerShanky - March 1, 2011 // 9:26 am
SinnerShanky's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by effbee View Post
Where are you getting those numbers?

I cant tell you that for the security of my source and myself.. But trust me these figures are real and were revealed to me by a board member of sony..!

#49 - GrandpaHomer - March 1, 2011 // 8:49 am
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Mexicodude908 View Post
Why are people with ps3's not caring the cost of a settlement would be past down to us the consumer also if ps3 isnt around then microsoft will be left alone to make awful systems which are unreliable. So people who think this is so great eiher don't own a ps3 or dont care they will be paying for the settlement in the longrun.

Frankly - anyone on the hacking side can't care less... What can Sony really do to them? Ask the to pay more money for the (hacked) PS3(s) they already HAVE? Or - not to download another games for FREE? I don't think so

And if the Sony will hike prices of games and kill they own market - well tough luck.

#48 - Nick7 - March 1, 2011 // 8:07 am
Nick7's Avatar
LG is my new hero!

#47 - B4rtj4h - March 1, 2011 // 8:05 am
B4rtj4h's Avatar
Eh... so what happens to a PS3 that i had to sent to a repair center? Is that also blocked :|?

Damn... LG is good. Now Sony can feel firsthand how it is to be banned!

#46 - madmax69 - March 1, 2011 // 7:57 am
madmax69's Avatar
Wouldn't be easier just to sue them for sales to date and give them a payment for each ps3 sold am assuming be unrealistic now to change bd technology with amount of units already sold , after this one is over can see Sony owing a few bucks to lg be like Xmas come early for them.


#45 - ps3slaagg - March 1, 2011 // 7:52 am
ps3slaagg's Avatar
OH! how i love all this... sony for breaching terms of copyright infringment laws you are heer - by banned from the console market now who is who's chump.

it seems that there might just be a god after all.