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February 8, 2011 // 9:22 pm - Korean company LG wants Sony's PlayStation 3 and Bravia televisions banned in the US for what it claims are patent infringements relating to Blu-ray playback.

To quote from EuroGamer: "The Foss Patents blog contacted Eurogamer to reveal documents filed with the US International Trade Commission in Washington relating to the complaint. mThe ITC has the power to block imports of products that violate US patents.

LG claims Sony is infringing four of its patents in a complaint that broadly relates to "certain electronic devices having a Blu-Ray Disc player and components thereof", but the PlayStation 3 (Model No. CECH-2501A) is the only Sony product to be specifically named in the main document of the complaint.

A Bloomberg reports suggests LG's claims are revenge for cases brought against it by Sony in December. Sony claims the Seoul-based company is infringing seven of its patents relating to LG phones. Sony has also filed a civil lawsuit against LG Blu-ray players.

LG and Sony are the world's second- and third-largest TV makers, trailing Samsung."

LG Wants Sony PlayStation 3 Sales Banned in the US

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#22 - WheedWhack3R - February 9, 2011 // 3:45 am
WheedWhack3R's Avatar
I support LG completely in the matter. Especially considering that $0NY lies, cheats and steals to get ahead. It nice to see a bully learn humility.

#21 - azoreseuropa - February 9, 2011 // 3:25 am
azoreseuropa's Avatar
LG, you go! Sony, go away and get lost.

#20 - Jes03 - February 9, 2011 // 3:01 am
Jes03's Avatar
Well $ony are screwing everyone its about time someone screws $ony.

I hope LG wins this one and gets the PS3 banned. Then all $ony's lawsuits will be dropped as if they cant sell the PS3 in US then how can they continue the lawsuit in US?

#19 - Bishoff - February 9, 2011 // 2:07 am
Bishoff's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by GameWinner View Post
SONY are just some greedy people.

corrected for accuracy.

#18 - WheedWhack3R - February 9, 2011 // 1:52 am
WheedWhack3R's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PSPSwampy View Post
I see comments which appear to be on Sony's side here. Personally i have no bias, but wouldn't it be sweet to see SONY in court over THEIR "hacking" (well ok Patent infringement) for a change!

Don't really care who wins - just think it's funny after all the... sony have been dishing out recently!

I know right! Its not so funny when they get a taste of their own medicine. They are definitely the last people who should through stones. They brought this on themselves.

Oh sure, big bulling businesses like them can dish it out, but can't take it when they get it right back. What the hell did they think would happen from all this anyway? If their d1ck was a big as their conceded ego,they would walk with a limp. When you attack people, do you really think they will just bend over and take it without notice?

No, They send that right back where it came from. If they keep this up, they will loose enough potential consumers to be unable to afford their precious ambulance chasing lawsuits in the first place.:angry: They have forced other companies to use the same tactics to defend themselves. They should have gone "tit for tat" instead of burning bridges making enemies right from the start. Stupid so called educated, down to earth, kind loving people my rear.

These guys had to have been handed everything in life to not know, every action no mater how small have both seen and unforeseen consequences. Can you companies not be so immature and just drop it already?No, then maybe sinking to your public relations departments level of intelligence will help.

To quote writing on a bathroom stall "Geese guys, can't we all just hit a bong". probably a bad idea though. some native cultures did, "smok'um peace pipe" right before they scalped their enemies. so, I don't know if its the "Meds" your taking or the "meds" you need to be taking, but you need to do something, and fast. Ow, I know. Stick charcoal briquettes up your bum and sell the diamonds you rectum made to compensate for lost customers. Then you can have your cake and eat it to.

#17 - Alucard - February 9, 2011 // 1:12 am
Alucard's Avatar
they know that's never going to happen maybe they will take out of production the model in question, or there's going to be a settlement!

#16 - blazeking - February 9, 2011 // 1:11 am
blazeking's Avatar
LG is just doing this to remind Sony of something: they can be sued as well and picking on the little people they way they are, is just too much. It's sad that Sony had to go as far as collecting information about anybody who so much as watched any Youtube vid about jailbreaking. Why not use those very same resources (and money) to fix their system?

How long did it take them to try to patch anything; the right way? They very well could have found a way to let OtherOS exist after all of this time.

#15 - condorstrike - February 9, 2011 // 1:03 am
condorstrike's Avatar
All my appliances are LG... I mean all, and I love them all...

I actually like this whole story because it's a wake up call to $ony and the rest of the companies that think that they can just flaunt money around and everyone will do their bidding, hopefully LG makes a nice case that even if they fail it will still legitimize their claim of $ony's corrupt and unacceptable behavior caused by their own egotistical self proclaimed superiority over the small/defense-less individuals or entities.

Hopefully It all trickles down the justice system, and alerts the judge/s in charge of the scene's defendants of $ony's instability and dirty practices, eg: removal of owned content as they did with otherOS and helps the guys cases.

Another story of David and Goliath, let's see if David can find a rock strong enough to knock Goliath down.

#14 - hunterrr - February 9, 2011 // 12:43 am
hunterrr's Avatar
LG knows they won't "ban" the sales of PS3's. I mean its Sony for crying out loud. They are getting a point across that what they're doing to the people they are suing is WRONG and just pointing out how much of a crap legal system we have here. It's sad all you need is money to win a case. If any of the 7 people getting sued where all worth more than Sony then they would be winning the case. Wheres the Justice?

#13 - PSPSwampy - February 9, 2011 // 12:40 am
PSPSwampy's Avatar
I see comments which appear to be on Sony's side here. Personally i have no bias, but wouldn't it be sweet to see SONY in court over THEIR "hacking" (well ok Patent infringement) for a change!

Don't really care who wins - just think it's funny after all the... sony have been dishing out recently!