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September 21, 2007 // 11:59 am - The Eye of Judgment, Sony's camera-assisted collectable card game, will hit the PlayStation 3 in North America on October 23rd for $69.99. Included in the set is the Blu-ray disc, PlayStation Eye camera, Judgment (camera) stand, battle mat, a 30-card Starter deck (plus four Function cards), and an eight-card Booster pack.

Additional Booster packs and pre-constructed theme decks will also be available from Wizards of the Coast, with Boosters priced at $3.75 and theme decks at $14.99. Five such decks will be available at launch, each with a Summoner's Companion booklet that includes tips, card lists, and background information. Expansion sets will launch at some point following the release of the game, but details on dates and contents are not yet available.

SCEA Marketing Manager Mark Valledor updated the official PlayStation.Blog with the above information, taking the time to also clarify the spelling of the title ("Judgment" not "Judgement") and address concerns about online cheating. The Eye of Judgment is expected to be available outside of North America by the end of October, resulting in a "global rollout" that allows for worldwide battles within the first week of release.

Eye of Judgment for $70 on October 23

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