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    Thumbs Up How to Create an Xbox 1 game for 360

    How to Create an Xbox 1 game for 360

    1) Craxation
    2) MooGUI
    3) IMGBurn
    4) Xtreme Firmware 5.2
    5) XBEfixGUI

    You can follow the links by clicking on the program names to get the program. Those that aren't linked, well you'll have to find by using GOOGLE.

    1. First you must have your 360 Samsung drive with it flashed with Xtreme Firmware 5.2!! If you have a ms25 drive,make the FW report it as such. There is no real advantage to reporting a drive thats not your model.(only if you swapped different drives). Sorry Hitachi owners this isn't a tutorial for you. Maybe in the future your FW will support this.

    2. You MUST have your xbox one connected to your computer. Note: We are testing different methods for extracting the files from the game as I write this.(Check back for updates)

    3. First put game in Xbox 1. Then open Craxation. Choose rip disc. Choose a folder on your pc to save it to an let it rip it.

    4. Open XBEfixGUI program,click Find-Fix and thats it!! The default xbe,XBEfixGUI.exe and the Xbefix.exe all must be in the same directory FIRST. The default xbe is in the folder you ripped the game to.

    5.Open MooGui and choose Tools from the pulldown. Then select Build Layout. Select the folder you ripped your Xbox1 game to,CHECK BOTH options.(Pad ISO and Outer Edge Integrity)and let the program do its job.

    6. Once that is complete,in MooGUI, select the icon under Layout file and choose the layout file you just created. Select a place to store the iso and wait until the program finishes.

    7. Open IMGBurn and select your newly created iso. I personally choose a slow speed like 2x or 2.4 and burn on DVD-R.

    Well thats it,you created a working copy that will play on your Xbox 360!!! And thanks Fattysc for the new look to XBEfix!! Nice job!!

    Note: I attached some screenshots, its very simple. But if you do have problems,or don't,please leave feedback and either FattySC or myself will help you. We also want to hear from those of you who tried it and it worked. Also now you must understand that media and your burner have alot to do with it. Try to use the best media you can (I found out my 360 likes Ritek dvd's,some others don't) And I also have a pioneeer 111d burner. My old burner was my problem. Now I'm not saying that you should go out and get a new burner,but try yours and see.

    Its not the method because I personally have backed up 20 Xbox 1 games that work flawlessly on my 360. Just stick to this guide and you shouldn't have problems. And remember slow burn= better burn!!!
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