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    World's first NDS Trainers released!

    A group known as Venom have released the world's first trainers for the NDS. The trainers boast cool options/cheats for respective games such as unlimited health and unlock all levels features! Check out their first 3 releases below, and one from NB too!
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    Metroid Prime Hunters +4 Trainer - WiFi Game Trained, Don't Cheat Online!

    LGC has released a NDS trainer for Metroid Prime Hunters, this is their first ever trainer release and as MPH is a WiFi game, please make sure you don't cheat online with this trainer which offers a plethora of options. Infinite missiles, infinite engergy, infinite sub-weapon ammo and levitate by holding B are made possible by this trainer. To quote:
    For our first trainer, we decided to disrupt some things and train a Wi-Fi game! Have fun flying around maps as an unstoppable hunter.


    * Infinite Energy
    * Infinite Missiles
    * Infinite Sub-Weapon Ammo
    * Hold B To Levitate

    We're using BSDiff for patching, because the filesystem in the ROM had to be reconstructed. Apply the patch to the USA release, then launch it with your favorite NDS loader.

    Tested with NDSIM v1.1 + XROM, M3 and Supercard.
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