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    Smile Universal-UnbrickDisc v2 now available!

    UPDATE: UUD is now on v2 and will work with FW 4.0.Additional you will not need a Modchip, cIOS-CORE or Rescue Menu Hacks to be installed.It will also work with the Original Rescue Menu and you only need a modded Original GC Controller and the cIOS249 installed.Thats all.I changed the game partition to run with IOS249 and its set to autoboot.So aslong you have the cIOS249 installed and its a cIOS with cDIP module it will work.

    Than i updated the ticket and tmd to be named as UUD but i have to change the game partition, the iso itself and the crypted name of the game too to be fully displayed as "Universal UnbrickDisc"

    And be sure you use a ORIGINAL GC Controller becouse we cant manage to boot into rescue menu with a 3-Party GC Controller.

    -Good Luck in Unbricking your Wii-

    Since more and more users run into a (Semi) Brick and more and more users have a cfw for the wii installed i decided to make a new "Universal Unbrick Disc" witch combines the semi brick disc and the autoboot wad manager.iso.And not enough, i modded the disc specially to use it with or without a modchip.Before this releas, if a softmod user runs into a brick and can not use the wiimote or start the hbc or dont have the wad manager channel installed on the wii he must found some one in the near with a modchip to unbrick his Wii or simply buy one of it.

    Becouse the released discs dont match the 4,37gb and the cIOS-CORE cant boot discs without the correct size and / or without the update partition.So i ripped of Wii-Play and placed it full with dummys and it worked.Than i removed the dummys and only build a partition with the opening.bnr and this also worked.It seems that fst.bin will be only freeze your Wii if the loaded .dol will take use of it.There for the wad manager.dol dont use the fst.bin on the disc it could be 0ripped.As next step i saved the ripped partition and used the Animal Crossing iso to place the ripped data partition and to have the FW 3.3 update on one disc.

    So we have a Universal Unbrick Disc witch could be used either with Modchip and with cIOS-CORE (or only with cIOS and BackupLoader apps).You could use it as Autoboot WAD Manager disc to install wadīs from sd,usb,ect., or to Unbrick your (C)FW 3.2 Wii with the Nintendo internal rescue menu if you have activated it via starfall and the two rescue menu hacks.

    For all ppl who want to change the disc to normal boot, i have swapped the opening.bnr with the one from Zelda TP

    How to Use:

    - Extract and burn the image

    - Turn on Wii and insert disc to auto boot WAD Manager

    - Turn on Rescue Menu and insert disc to auto boot WAD Manager

    - Have Fun -

    Thanks should be earned to:
    crediar, bushing, segher, waninkoko, cortex, stormyuan, eric young, dack, nintendo, and both guys who maded the semibrick disc and the wad manager.iso

    ps: sry for the german readme! If i can get the other pack uploaded this than will be have a english readme.
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    I DO appreciate the effort cfwprophet and this sounds like very GOOD news for Wii users, however, few people check the non-PS3 forum sections here unless the post is linked in the Site News.

    It's too time-consuming for me to redo them all, so for future reference if would be great if things like this are submitted here:

    I still +Rep'd ya for this though..

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    Nice THX! Ok i will submit such post next time.I have some more projects to post. One of them is a "CFW_3.2 Hack Pack" for the Nintendo Wii wich i will be update to rev14 (or so ) next hours. I compiled it with all good available apps, channels, cIOSīs, etc., and plan since weeks to make it with a custom system menu. But as i sayed its not the only project i work on.

    I want to make the hack-pack auto installed but there for im not a coder or dever, just only a modder, i must to study the source for weeks, or so, till i could understand how and why it works.And than i get some compiling errors (with original source) and must learn why. Aktuell it seems it is becouse i use a newer version of devkitPro but im not sure.

    Anyway the german szene is like a childs place and i dono want to support them any more.I only give german support via my site and there for i want to share my work over this forum to the world wide english speaking community.

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    Link in first page is down, so, there's a mirror!!

    Hope someone find it useful.
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    The link is also down.

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    I remember years ago I bricked my Wii

    It cost me a fortune to repair it - from memory, it needed a new board! sheesh!

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    Cool Keep going bro!! Let us know about your next project

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    Sorry bad the link it's down!

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    I'm curious, Do these "Universal" unbrick disks work on any FW/OS and on any Wii hardware type or is it limited to some models with modded FW?

    I've burned a copy of this anyway in case it will work on my daughters Wii. Thanks.
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