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    Rip games without PSO using Viper GC!

    -original game
    -Viper GC with 04 bios
    -GC-iSO grabber v0.9 (in my case)

    All these are easy to find but don't ask where- it's your job!!!

    1) Burn riptool.dol on a working dvd (Princo dvd-r in my case)

    2) Set network-PC: Go to network setting,set your net card ip to then mask to then select the 10 semi-duplex mode value

    3) Boot GC with original then select dvd browser (bottom of menu) then swap dvd with your riptool dvd then click on riptool. a red screen will appear then you'll know if you set your network properly, says network start or something, if not working then it's stay at running.

    4) Now when disc stop spinning, swap with the one you want to backup, says 10 secong to swap...

    5) Now go to your pc and start gc-iso grabber then enter iso filename then hit start rippng and enjoy your rip. Rip about 350k for a safe mode.

    6) Now you have somekindofgame.gcm, rename it to somekindofgame.iso then burn it with Nero or your favorite software without any special trick!!!
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    Here is variation Tutorial using another GC rip utility (files attached below):

    1) Extract and burn the attached riptool.dol to an iSO format DVD.
    2) Make sure your PC IP is subnet
    3) Boot gamecube with origional disc and go to disc browser- browse DVD.
    4) Swap disc for burned DVD containing riptool when prompted. Start Riptool.dol. When the red screen appears on your tv, quickly start your ripping tool on the PC (use phoenix 2.50 below, which when started also starts a dos box with psul, CLOSE THE DOS BOX.)
    5) Click Begin on the phoenix rip screen.
    6) Swap discs on the gamecube when prompted. An hour or so later your game is ripped!
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