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    Official GCNcrypt Cheat Codes thread!

    Grab the utilities and .COD file collections attached below guys!

    1. download GCNCrypt version of your choice attached below.
    2. Goto and find the codes you want.
    3. Copy the (M) code into the left column of GCNCrypt then press the decrypt button

    E.G mario paty 6 Pal:

    the AR (M) code is:


    Put that into GCNCrypt and press the decrypt button and you get this:

    068AE3C3 98000000
    C40A6D5C 0000FF00

    Now the top line of code is the identifier which AR uses to make sure you are inputting games into the correct game.

    So the only code you would use in the cheat menu of Cobra is the 2nd line of code:

    C40A6D5C 0000FF00

    Repeat as needed for whichever codes you want and remeber to always disregard the top line of code.

    NOTE: You always disregard the top line of code for all the codes you enter not just the (M) code

    068AE3C3 98000000
    C40A6D5C 0000FF00

    If this was your code just input the last one not the top one.

    If this was your code:

    068AE3C3 98000000
    C40A6D5C 0000FF00
    068AE3C3 98000000
    C40A6D5C 0000FF00

    You would again skip the top one and enter codes 2-4.
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