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    Wii Virtual Console Saved Channels thread!

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    Here is where we can discuss the Wii Virtual Console Saved Channels that get released. To quote from the initial ReadMe file:
    F-Zero SNES VC Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    SD Memory Card
    Saved Channel *Included*

    Instructions For Use: Access your SD card so that you can place files on it. Now in your root directory, D:\ for example, place the file named 'private' onto the drive. Take the card out of your system and place it in the Wii. Navigate to your Wii memory management settings and find the section that is labeled 'Channels'. You will find two tabs inside, one for your Wii and the other for the SD card. Select the SD tab and you will find the saved channel present. Copy it to your Wii and you will be done.
    Per our Site Rules, please no links to these (c) files- use Google for them on your own. Thanks guys!

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    Oh man i wish i still had a SD card...im going to have to borrow a friends. Wonder if this will lead to more games..?? hahh prolly

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    I can't get this to work on my Wii.

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    The guy copied his own files onto another sd card, and was shocked to learn that it still worked on his wii! His mistake was for some reason assuming that it would work on everyone elses. The titles are locked to a specific console, and these files won't copy over to anyone but him.

    Probably not even edited. It would probably only take nintendo a minute to see what console these files belong to, and if it was ordered with a credit card, exactly who ordered it. One would hope that he instead bought his points at an EB or something.

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    Seriously, it's lame, this functionality is built in into the wii. The "roms" is signed and is tied to a specific console...

    So, it don't work at all on another console. You can copy to backup your purchased game, but you cannot play on another wii.

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    Just downloaded the game and put it onto my memory card. I followed the instructions to the tee and when I tried to copy it to my Wii, It says the it failed to copy to my Console. I'm with Ultraman and probably is a fake!

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    I don't have a Wii and honestly don't care about Wii news myself, but in the Staff Forum someone mentioned this... perhaps this is why it's not working for many?

    "I actually found more games for Wii VC, but from the sounds of it, they need to be hex edited because theres lines of code that need to be told it was purchased to a wii."

    In other words, you may need to get the code info from your own Wii, then hex-edit (using WinHex or similar app) the VC file you plan to run inputting that code so it matches, then run it and it may work... or so the theory goes. Others?

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    I think it's actually signed for a specific console, not just a serial somewhere in the header or something. The files are encrypted.

    It's nintendo though. It will be done eventually. It's just a matter of what part of the system will be broken first? The firmware? My guess is the drive will be hacked first, via a method simillar to the xenogc or duo-gc. The wii discs have a barcode just like gamecube ones (identical to the eye), and the console still gives that little "beep" sound when the barcode is confirmed, and the disc authenticated.

    For those who don't care about wii, the fact that it's basically a gamecube is a good point for ridicule. For those who want the wii hacked, the laziness/cheapness of nintendo will come in quite handy, I'm sure.

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    Instead of talking about theories why doesn't someone get their hands dirty with this. Has anyone actually bought F-Zero in VC, copied it to an SD, and done a binary compare with the one floating around the net? It would be interesting to see what the differences are. I would do it myself but I don't have a card reader in my PC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skonash View Post
    Has anyone actually bought F-Zero in VC, copied it to an SD, and done a binary compare with the one floating around the net?
    No, I didn't buy that particular game. If anyone has sonic, zelda, or donkey kong I'd be happy to do a quick hex compare with my own.


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