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    Room for one more? I sent you a pm. Thanks!

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    Hi Racer, I see your swamped, just wondering what you charged for downgrading a 4.40 ofw ps3 slim model number CECH-2001B? IF possible when your caught up i would like to send mine to you

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    Ok I got open spots for all ps3s. First come first serve. Right now my pm box is empty, pm for Prices. Thanks.

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    Sent you a PM, hope I'm not late.

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    PM sent back. I know testers that i charge a little more than most but i also replace the thermal paste on the heat sinks and i pull of the heat sinks and replace it under them and then put new epoxy on them as well. And i send a cd or dvd with the ps3 back with your dumps on it.

    So you dont have to worry about someone selling your id to someone. thanks all for your support. Also thinking about doing a drawing for a ps3 on ofw 3.55.

    10 dollars a ticket for a family in my home town that has a child and she has a hole in her heart and would like to do something for them. Thanks all and will keep you updated.

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    PM Sent Racer, please let me know if you can get mine's done. Thanks.

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    I have a CECHA01 i would like to downgrade but i am currently waiting to replace the blu-ray drive, Kinda new to the site and still learning how to use it properly, once i get the blu-ray drive i will PM you Racer about doing a downgrade and anything else you could help me with in getting this system running homebrew apps and other things. i plan to use this system as a learning tool, so i can learn to do most of the stuff this site has to offer on my own.

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    A reminder this thread is only for contacting racer0018 about his services not help questions, you must use the PS3 Help & Support section for such topics. Those who don't will find their account locked and posts removed from here.

    Additionally, PMs have been cleared as of tonight... anyone wishing to contact racer0018 who have yet to receive a reply will need to re-PM him and any complainers will receive an infraction.

    Finally, those who cannot PMs need to read the Site Rules... it's been covered many times in this thread too, you must have (2) Quality Posts made recently that are not in this section to use the PM system here.

    To racer0018: Please ignore people's Help requests here so they use the proper section. Thanks!

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    Hey Racer,

    I sent you an email for info that's needed. Thanks.

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    I sent an email as well. Can't wait to do business.

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