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    Aug 2007
    That is a slow weekend to. Here are some pictures of two nor ps3s hooked up to the teensy. Also for someone that is looking to get into downgrading here are the tools of the trade. thanks

    As for more ps3s i am starting to take more again. thanks

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    I'd like to stick my foot in the door, then, heh. I sent a PM last week, and though i've traded PS3s since then, they're the same model and FW version

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    Oct 2012
    Hey Racer, I just sent you a PM for a downgrade request. I sent you some previously, but the spots must have already been filled. If you still have some spots left please respond to my PM as I would like to have my CECHA01 downgraded. Thanks

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    Yeah, looking at those pictures close up, i think i'd much rather trust Racer with my PS3 than my own hands, haha. Shall i send another PM or just go with the one i sent?

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    ^I'm inclined to agree about those pictures. Definitely not opening my PS3 and trying anything myself.

    Still waiting on you, racer.

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    Hey Racer just sent you a PM, please shoot me a reply. Thanks.

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    I'd feel like a nuisance sending more than one PM, but am i supposed to?

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    Yes or just wait for racer0018 to reply. He is busy man

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    Wow i never thought that it would be this big. In the past three days i have gotten over 60 messages. I know that it is hard to get into me but i will try and get everyone. Right now i have 38 to do this weekend, 28 nand and the rest nor.

    I will be putting up for sale a 160 nor ps3 with a teensy 2.0 ++ installed in it soon. This why people don't have to worry about bricking it cause it always be saved. Thanks

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    That's business, heh. How much would you be selling that PS3 for?

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