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    Feb 2007
    While it seems that you are quite busy, do either of your friends have time to do a CECHA01 60GB 4.31?

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    Hey racer, i sent you a reply on your PM yesterday about the downgrading. Just letting you know in case you didn't see it, i'm sure you get a lot of PM's to sort through.

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    hey thanks and yea my soldering skills are not that great. you wouldn't want to tell me where the 3.3v is on a cok-002 board or where i would need to look? thanks

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    May 2012
    hi i have a bricked ps3 slim how do i contact someone?

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    Still waiting for you to reply to my pm Racer

    Been about 3 weeks

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    hey racer. i sent you a pm a couple weeks ago. can you plz do my ps3?

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    Apr 2011
    Hey racer , the 4.40 OFW is out , will that change anything when it comes to downgrading to 3.55 with a flasher ?

    I mean can we still use the same update and downgrade from 4.40 like we did with 4.31?

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    Aug 2007
    I have not tried to downgrade a ps3 on ofw 4.40 so i cant say that it can be downgraded from there. However from what i have read i dont think that they block the downgrade on ps3s with a hardware flasher. thanks

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    Hey racer I'm not asking for your service yet but If I have a CECHA01 fat 60gb stuck on RSOD on rebug 4.30.2 dex, would it still be possible to downgrade it ? Yes I got a broken BD which is why i'm on dex

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    Greetings! I just purchased a refurbished Phat PS3 (CECHA01) on 4.31, and i can tell that as of 5 days ago, racer is open for downgrading business. I'm guessing i should PM him, but i can't seem to find an option to, i'm assuming it has to do with having less than two posts.

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