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    Jan 2013
    i just unbricked my ps3 2004, fw3.70 now what do i have to do to downgrade?

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    Aug 2007
    You have to get a hardware flasher and then go through a guide to downgrade it. Thanks

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    why the heck does almost every nand ps3 have bad blocks ahhh... tried 3 in a row now and non of them is reading the damm pup file after i get it in service mode (tryed 5 usb sticks and 3 harddrives). service mode is working but it wont read the pup is that because of the bad block?

    i have made 1 whit nand without bad blocks and that worked like a charm but not the ones whit bad blocks is there anything that i can do ore is it just bad luck and they cant be downgraded? sorry to post it here but i need a little bit of help

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    Amazing work. I have nightmare of trying to get the wire on the bios pin.

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    Hi guys,

    Would anyone know if this PS3 is completely dead:

    Admin Edit: Read the Rules, pics MUST be attached here!

    I was wondering if this service would benefit me?


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    Hey, I have a Cecha 250A1 Can Go Down to 3.40... How much would it cost to downgrade to 3.40?

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    Aug 2007
    You would need to message me as I don't put prices on the website. Thanks.

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    Racer i shoot you a PM with the info you requested.

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    Hi racer, i think i need help today i installed the REBUG_4.30.1 from 3.55cfw then read i could use REBUG_3.55.4_999_DGR as i wanted to go to REBUG_4.21 but it would not let me do this i got error codes you name it i got it. now i dont have nothing cfw folder on game area, i think i need help to downgrade it.

    is there anyone in the uk that can downgrade my ps3 please back to 3.55 ?

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    Aug 2007
    This is what i would try.

    Make sure the ps3 is q&a enabled. To do this you can do this from the rebug toolbox. It is the last option at the utilities. Also make sure that under rebug settings the systems update debug is turned off. Then install downgrader 9.99 under recovery mode. YOu will know that this installed correct cause there will be a user agreement from sony. After that then install again from the recovery mode rebug 3.55.

    You may have to repeat this a few times for it to work. after you are on rebug 3.55 q&A the ps3 again and make sure system update debug is turned on.

    thanks and let me know

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