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    Hey racer, Mark referred me here and said you were the man. I would like some pricing for a PS3 with all the bells and whistles. Hope your daughter is doing better bro.

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    I'd like to downgrade my PS3 so i can jailbreak it how much is it?

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    Aug 2007
    I dont give prices out on the forum cause people ask for different things. But pm me with your model of ps3 and i will let you know. thanks

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    Jan 2013
    Hi racer.

    I sent you a few PMs. Are you able to see them? Basically they are all asking for a price check for a Fat NAND 60 GB PS3.

    Thank you for your time.

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    hello this is my first post sorry if this is off topic but can the CECH-2101A be flashed?

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    Yes it can be.

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    hey racer are you getting my pms?

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    How is this done, do we have to send our ps3 over?

    It would be nice if someone could send me an estimate on it, I just want to know whether its worth feigning interest or not.

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    Feb 2013
    hi racer...!

    i have a ps3 320GB..! its currently on 4.31...!! is there any way to go back to stock?? i am from a different region..! so shipping might be out of the question..!!

    Do let me know how to..!! thanks m8..

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    hey, never got your text, did it go through?

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