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    I was wondering if I could get a price quote on a downgrade for a slim. It's a CECH205.A (NOR) and currently on 4.25 CFW. It won't let me pm you; any idea what the minimum post count is for pm's?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xalidin View Post
    It won't let me pm you; any idea what the minimum post count is for pm's?
    You need (2) Quality Posts, and replies in this section don't count... your best bet is to make a genuine reply (longer than 1 sentence) to one of the many Site News articles we post daily.

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    Alright. Thanks for the information.

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    As in my last post, I have a CECHA01 PS3 on 4.31 OFW need to be downgraded. Without PM, how do we contact each other? I remember in the very first post you mentioned subscribing Premium membership, is it still a must requirement to ask you to downgrade? If it is, please let me know, I will subscribe it right way, cause I have to PM you anyway.

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    Leira, this was answered 2 posts above yours:

    No Premium subscription is required, just make (2) Quality Posts in the other sections to be promoted to a Contributor to use PMs here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommabu123 View Post
    Can you tell me which is better progskeet or e3? TY
    somebody help me please

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    Hi tommabu, I'd love to help you but...

    A) I don't know enough about this subject either
    B) This thread is for asking to hire racer for downgrade/unbrick services, not general help

    If you ask this question in a help thread, or better yet (!) search the forum, I'm sure you'll find the answers you seek.

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    If you know how to solder then pick the progskeet.

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    Well i guess i missed this round of downgrades??

    lol.. i'll catch it eventually..

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    I want mine modded, but can't send PM's. How can I send a PM on here?

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