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    Hi Racer, sorry the surgery didn't go well. Hope all goes well on Monday. Happy Holidays. See you next week.

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    hi guys am new, i bought a ps3 it has the ofw 4.21 how can i downgrade to 3.55 or install cfw 4.21 on it

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    What is the model number of the ps3. If it is a 3000 or above there is no fix for it. If it one that is lower you will need to hook up a hardware flasher and downgrade it or pay someone to do it. Thanks

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    Sorry to hear about the surgery. It is really nerve racking just had someone i love go through it. Hope all turns out well and you and family have a holiday together whether it be at hospital or not your together!!

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    The only best thing if you want to use any cfw is you should in 3.55 firmware... No matter what you have to make sure that your console is not 3000 or 4000 you must have downgradable console

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    It is a requisite to make a clean and correct dump of your ps3 before proceeding with your downgrading process but it is optional to make a dump after downgrading since you still have the flash dump created with the downgrade patch

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    have also the same problem 4.21 n0w but was 3.55 before want to go back to 3.55. how does one downgrade... it shows corrupt data error when you downgrade.

    it goes again and again when you update it with ps3updat.pup... after 70% it show corrupt data error.. is there any fix 4 this... am new in here

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    From what I have read is that the downgrade pup only works on rogero 4.30. So if that is the case you might have to update to rogero 4.30 and then downgrade the ps3 using the downgrade pup. And then once that is all done you will have to q&a the ps3. Thanks

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    hello, hmm i got a ps3 phat CECH-A01 OFW 4.25 theres a place or where can i find someone to downgrade it, i have no idea how to do it myself x.x and i don't wanna break it ty and happy holidays

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    Sent you a pm. Sorry to hear about father-in-law's surgery. Once everything settles down and you find some time feel free to respond. Thanks

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