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    cecha01 currently ofw 4.30

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    racer0018 I sent you an e-mail to you.

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    Dec 2012
    Hey i've got a slim ps3 160gb hdd on OFW 4.31, model no is CECH-2001A, looking to get a downgrade so i can get CFW put on it. Thanks

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    Hey Racer, I would really love it if you could provide your services for me and downgrade my ps3. I know you're probably really busy, but when you get the chance can you message me? Thank you in advance.

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    Hi racer, i'd like to know if i could get my console hacked for homebrew and game backups?? i'm running 4.25 OFW and its a CECH-3001A. (since the country i am in doesn't have a big ps market, or black market (have it my way with cheap things), and the internet doesn't allow me to buy correctly from psn, and i don't want to fry my blu-ray drive)

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

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    sorry the 3000 slim models can not be downgraded yet or will be.

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    Hey racer I got 2 questions for you one I got a ps3 cecha01 phat I am about to send to sony to have all redone and fixed due to the blueray drive died and then it went ylod... so my question is when i get it back how much to downgrade the firmware back to the 3.15 I guess?

    and also I got a old xbox 360 that was jtag with old and doesnt have the new jtag dash so cant play anything new how much to update... Please let me know asap I know you busy so... its a when you get time just need prices

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    Ah, i see, Thanks anyway

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    I need to know your motherboard and also the dashboard ver. Thanks

    I just want to see your options for this and know both of them I will know. Thanks

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    Hey racer0018 I have a fat ps3 with ofw 3.72 model CECHE01 (i believe it's a nand console) how much would you charge to downgrade to 3.55? and also what's your time frame? Thanks.

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