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    You do since making this post, as we require (2) Quality Posts to be promoted to a Contributor... so yes you can send PMs if you retry now.

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    Yea I read this whole thread so I had heard that. I guess maybe it takes a minute or two to kick in? It showed up after I tried to edit it then had to double post the second part. All is well now


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    how are you? look fellas I've got a big problem with my PS3 and i hope you can fined me a solution OK and i will be so thankful 2 you.

    ok my problem is that when i updated my ps3 to 4.25 version it become an unable to play and the (Install Package Files) option & multiman has disappeared.

    so what do i do ?? please tell me you have a solution !!!

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    You could get the hardware described earlier in this thread and try to do it yourself, or look into having a professional downgrade it for you. I'm not 100% positive bot I'm pretty sure and firmware can be downgraded with a hardware flasher.

    Upgrading your PS3 is like upgrading your jailbroken iPhone. Just don't unless sites like this give you the go ahead to upgrade.

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    thanks for the answer man but i don't think that the (hardware flasher) is available in our country and my knowledge about PS3 is low

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    PM sent back. thanks

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    racer0018 can you downgrade my ps3 from 4.25 to 3.55?

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    You will have to pm me your details. Thanks

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    what's the (pm) racer0018?

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    pm = personal message which you can send to any user by clicking on the users name or can be accessed by their profile

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