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    Xenium ICE X-Box Solderless Mod review coming!

    Update: northernpimp has now made available his Xenium ICE Solderless Mod review courtesy of as follows: Install time: 30 mins (including take apart and putting back together)

    Install was pretty easy following instructions from the Xodus Web site, which were straight forward. I would recommend installing the rivets for the solderless adapter, so there are no problems with connections later. The hardest part I thought was the d0 point. The wire doesn't go through the hole but sort of sits in it. You need to push hard enough on the wire so it makes a little "scratch" noise so it is seated properly, but not so much that it bends the wire. After the chip is put on the solderless adapter and the d0 wire is seated that's it- the chip is installed and ready to go!!!

    If you are familiar with DMS4 EZI, this is like that chip but for X-Box. It comes with the OS2 pre-installed for easy setup. Once installed just turn the X-Box on and it brings you to a menu with tons of tools to use. There are hard drive tools, EEPROM tools, booting options, and of course settings for FTP. After I booted up, I did what was recommended, backed up the EEPROM, backed up the M$ BiOS, and then used FTP to get in and put a new BiOS and dashboard on the unit.

    I highly recommend this chip for the X-Box, as it was very easy to install and set up. The included USB adapter is great if you want to connect a keyboard, mouse or pendrive! All it does is plug into the controller port and it is ready to be used. The led panel has double-sided tape on the back so it can be installed almost anywhere on the X-Box. Finally, the different colored L.E.D. lights that show can be programmed so each BiOS has a different colored light so you know which one you are using.

    Once and awhile we like to deviate from the normal PS2/PSP Site News topics and discuss others including the NDS, GBA, GameCube, and of course the X-Box! Today our recently-appointed SuperModerator northernpimp has let us know that he plans to post his first review here soon- of the popular Xenium ICE Solderless Mod for the X-Box gaming console.

    Stay tuned in the coming days for his complete review, and for those interested in learning more about this X-Box Mod... according to, the Xenium ICE features include the following:

    • The Latest Generation of X-Box Mod-chips is the Xenium ICE!
    • Solderless Adapter is Compatible in v1.0-v1.5 version consoles
    • 1MB reflashable EEPROM 4 BiOS banks
    • XOS (Xenium Operating System) protects against bad flashing and features a number of excellent tools such as X-Box EEPROM back-up and restore feature, Harddrive Upgrade Wizard, HDD Locking and Unlocking and more
    • Software controlled Bios bank selection. (No more external switches needed)
    • Software controlled enable disable (Perfect for X-Box Live users!)
    • X-S-or-Ease kit Included (LED Panel & USB Adapter)
    • Includes: USB Adapter, LED Panel, Pin Headers, Solderless Adapter & Mod-chip
    • Preflashed with the NEW OS2 Operating System!
    • This chip DOES include a solderless adapter.
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