Update #3: HanSooloo has updated his $CE File Format analysis today for those interested, and rumor has it PS3 Firmware v1.81 is expected by this coming Friday as well. If you have a TV set compatible with the PS3's Full RGB mode, then you've likely experienced the issue where rebooting your PS3 actually resets the color settings (reverting back to the limited RGB output signal, even though you had previously selected Full RGB). This along with possibly other fixes is slated for the v1.81 Firmware Update.

Update #2: At PS3Dev.PS3News.com today, HanSooloo shared some PS3 SELF File Loading Process details HERE and naturesbane shared some NPD header format (and compression notes) for those interested. Also, aries2k6 shared with us DosBox v0.70 For PS3 Linux and Gazza85 shared a handy PS3 Switch Video.

Update: In PS3 news today, as hinted in our Past News "It's beginning to look a lot like RSX-Mas!" Today, we are happy to report that despite $ony threats resident PS3Dev'er known as StrontiumDog has shared PS3 RSX Data Dumps!! To quote from his post HERE:

I have released a dump of the PlayStation 3 Graphic Libraries for the RSX Hardware in the PS3, available in iRC EFNet #PS3News.

These are not machine readable, they are human readable.

They are being released because there is a wealth of information in there, and hacking NVidia GPU's is a specialist field. Hopefully the appropriate experts can take these files and provide necessary information to allow full RSX access from under linux. I am quite confident this is possible from my cursory scan of this data and the functions that exist in the PS3 Hypervisor. (Especially the undocumented RSX Register access functions).

In any event I will continue to work on this area.

Note, these files are from code that runs UNDER GameOS. Linux does not run under GameOS, it runs directly under the Hypervisor, so there are no Hypervisor calls in this data.

The data certainly reveals the structure of critical memory structures, register layout, etc.


For those wondering, the file is titled libPSGL_dumps_v2-[www.PS3News.com].rar and is 11.7 MB (12,358,812 bytes) in size. Nice job StrontiumDog!

Today the folks at www.XCM.cc let us know that their new ii Case Hot Rock Cases are now available for Wii console owners! The ii Case "Hot Rock" Case is a new innovation in case modding technology. With a built in Digital L.E.D. thermometer, the Hot Rock Case is able to alert users by changing the L.E.D. color when the Wii console reaches certain temperatures. Color changes takes place in 5 degree increments. For example, if your Wii console's temperature reaches over 55 degree Celsius, the L.E.D. will display 'RED' and flashing. This will alert the user to turn off the console and check for problems.

Here is the complete Hot Rock Case color changing chart:

Temperature (Celsius) / Chameleon LED color
- Below 29c: Light blue
- 30-35c: Blue
- 36-40c: Green
- 41-41c: Yellow
- 46-50c: Orange
- 50-54c: Red
- Over 55c: Red light flashing

Finally, more pictures are available HERE along with a How To Disassemble the ii Case Tutorial and also a nice How To Install The Hot Rock Case Guide.