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    Swap Magic v3.6 Disc Set features...

    As many of our visitors already know, the Swap Magic 3.6 Disc Set is the latest version available for purchase/upgrade from Based on browsing the Forums, what it appears many people are unaware of is the new features offered in the version 3.6 update.

    There are (2) new features offered, as detailed in this Swap Magic 3.6 User Manual. To discuss them each briefly in our Site News, they are USB/Flash Device Support and also an integrated TOC Refresh function.

    Swap Magic 3.6 USB/Flash Device Support:
    This feature is both cool and convenient! Basically, you can launch any PS2 ELF file (up to four) from a USB HDD or USB Flash Stick simply by creating a directory in the root of it titled SWAPMAGIC, and then renaming your ELF file to SWAPMAGIC.ELF and placing it in. If you wish to use more than one, refer to the User Manual for additional details on how to do so. Once your ELF is on the USB device, simply keep it plugged in your PS2/PSTwo console and load the Swap Magic 3.6 Disc (either CD or DVD will work) and at boot-up it will 'trigger' and launch your ELF file... loading it automatically!

    Swap Magic 3.6 TOC Refresh Function:
    Older versions of Swap Magic allowed a "TOC" Refresh using the CD/DVD Loader, or CogSwap Loader utilities. The v3.6 now has it built-in, and to use it simply do the following:
    • Load past the Splash Logo to the Title Screen.
    • Before selecting any options, press EJECT on your PS2 to reach THIS screen.
    • If you have a PSTwo v12, it is not yet supported without additional hardware modifications, and you will see THIS prompt. However, if you have a standard PS2 v1-11 console, then you will see a Refresh TOC prompt.
    • At that screen, insert your Large TOC Original (pressed) PS2 Disc and then it will re-read the TOC and bring you HERE.
    • Finally, simply go about swapping for your back-up PS2 CD/DVD disc as you normally would when you reach that screen- it's that simple!

    Hopefully this information will prove useful to our visitors in better-understanding what others using the new Swap Magic v3.6 are talking about when browsing the Forums. If you have any additional related questions, feel free to post them in the 1:1 Swap Chat section. Enjoy!
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