As mentioned in our Past News, kizman from Team PS3News has completed his review of the Qoob Chip for the GameCube console! Available from fine retailers such as for EUR 59,95 (~$76 US), the Qoob PRO offers the absolute latest features available for GameCube mod-chips. Below is what our iRC @perator kizman had to say on it:

Test Console: DOL-001 NTSC Nintendo Gamecube
Test Hardware: Qoob PRO
Test Software: Qoob BiOS 1.2 Final
Test Media: Ritek Mini-DVDR

Back-Ups Tested:
Super Smash Bros Melee working
Resident Evil 4 working
Starfox Assault working
Mario Kart Double Dash working

The Qoob PRO Chip is the latest innovation for GameCube owners to play their back-ups. For starters, it arrives in an anti-static bag inside a box for increased protection during shipment. Installation was a snap and only took 30 minutes- any person with very basic solder knowledge should be able to install the Qoob PRO without issue. After installation, I flashed the BiOS to the latest one, tried a back-up of Super Smash Bros and it worked perfectly- all games booted fine on the first try too! Unlike other mod-chips for the GameCube, I never got the dreaded Disc Read Error either. It's safe to say that the Qoob PRO Chip is indeed the best on the market with the greatest future potential, as the Qoob Team actively releases new BiOS upgrades often!