Last night we received word from UMDGen that final testing is now underway, and if all goes well a new UMDGen v4.00 update will be ready for release in the near future! Be sure to keep an eye on both the Web site as well as the official PSP UMDGen Chat Forums hosted right here at for the latest scoop!

In other PSP news, here are todays file releases so far: DevHook Button Swap Mod For 3.02 FW For PSP, DevHook v0.51 FW 2.81-3.02 Exit Crash Fix For PSP, DevBoot v0.51 For CustomFirmware For PSP, iCU Optimizer v1 For SE-C For PSP, USB Mod v4 For SEC For PSP, Brothers In Arms (USA) Single Player 400MB + 286MB PSP RipKit, Brothers In Arms (USA) Single Player 781MB + 652MB PSP RipKit, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (USA) 890MB XDELTA PSP RipKit, Cabelas Dangerous Hunts (EUR) 390MB PSP RipKit, DevHook v0.51 FW 3.02 Mod And Installer v0.01B For PSP, and MVSPSP v1.33 For PSP.

In PS3 news today, tworkemon let us know of a Sixaxis PS3 Linux Driver For PC in our ongoing Sixaxis Now Usable Under Windows & Linux Forum thread.