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    PS3 SAK (Swiss Army Knife) v1.00 released!

    Update #3: Wii Region Patcher v1.01 And Region Code Extractor v1.00 is now available, and discussion can be continued on it in our Wii Region Patcher v1.01 And Region Code Extractor v1.00! Forum thread for those interested.

    Also, for X-Box 360 fans you may want to check out our 360 Hypervisor Vulnerability Found!!! Forum thread for some nice news indeed- the possibility of running homebrew/unsigned code on the X-Box 360 awaits!

    Update #2: 3r1c has shared with us PS3Proxy tonight, which also is in English but may be simpler to use than the cf3b5 utility previously released for some. Check out his official post HERE, and nice job!

    We've received word that yet another VIDEO by PSPHaCkErAOD is now available on what appears to be a PS3 iSO Loader called "ps3load3 v0.5 beta". Those interested can check it out below, and according to the information available it's:
    a buggy ps3 iso loader, no files will not be released yet, this is still a beta and isnt perfect. it loads over the ps3 os causing the ps3 to think the iso from the harddrive is a disc in the tray.
    Before getting too excited about this one, unfortunately it appears this one is a fake... simply a PC is hooked up to the TV showing an edited video coordinated to the PS3 bootup. Monitor from 0:45:18 to 0:45:26 and you'll see the Start bar and what appears to be a Vista toolbar. Here are 13 frames for those who wish to just view the debunk.gif instead, as well as taskbar.gif to further validate our 'fake' claim.

    Update: cf3b5 shared with us PS3 ProxyServer Installer (ENGLISH) today, which is nice indeed for those who had trouble navigating in the previous version. Please post your feedback in the official PS3 Proxy GUI English version! Forum thread, and props to cf3b5 for the update!

    Also in Nintendo Wii news, RegionFrii GUI v1.1 READNFO from SYNDiCATE is now available, and you can post feedback on it in our ongoing Region Free Patcher NTSC To PAL WII-SYNDiCATE Forum thread.

    PSP Files: DevHook v0.52.0100 Plug-Ins Mod v1.20 For PSP, The Warriors (EUR) 906MB PSP RipKit, IDStorage Manager v1.0 For PSP, PSX2PSP PopStation KS GUI Mod Auto Generate Plug-In v1.0B For PSP, TGAWave Texture Injector v1.0 For PSP, PSP IR Frotz v0.6 For PSP, HideMOV BETA 2 For PSP, Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner (USA) Extractor/Rebuilder v1.0 For PSP, RCOTool Extractor v0.3 For PSP, PSP7800 (Atari 7800 Emulator) v1.0.5 For PSP, and PSP Colem (Colecovision Emulator) v1.0.8 For PSP.

    As mentioned in our Past News over the weekend, CJPC has recently put together a simple but handy PS3 multi-purpose application: dubbed PS3 SAK (Swiss Army Knife) v1.00! From the ReadMe file:
    It is an installable otheros.bld file, which runs a custom application on the PS3.


    • Web Interface (via HTTP) that lets you do all of the below featured!
    • Check Blu-Ray Disk size
    • Format internal PS3 HDD
    • Back-up iSO to internal PS3 HDD
    • Back-up iSO to external EXT3 HDD
    • Back-up iSO via wired network, to Windows Network Share
    • Explore HDD (Linux side), and download files to a PC.
    • Explore Blu-Ray Disks, and download files to a PC (with UDF 2.5 Support!)

    Note: With SAK v1.00 you can now dump your PS3/Blu-Ray disc images without installing PS3 Linux, however, you must still format the PS3 HDD prior (as if you were going to install PS3 Linux) in
    order to install/use the OtherOS-- this is a $ony requirement unfortunately.

    Not so "feature" features:

    • Reboot console
    • Reboot console to PS3OS
    • Poweroff console
    A screenshot of it is below, and please post your feedback/bug reports/etc in our PS3 SAK (Swiss Army Knife) v1.00 released! Forum thread and enjoy all!

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