Update #2: According to their official Blog, $ony has revealed that PS3 Firmware v1.82 is scheduled to be released soon. Due out within the next few days, this update will fully enable playback of AVC High Profile (H.264/MPEG-4) files.

Update: As reported in our Past News, today a Downgrader For PSP 3.50 is available for those interested. Enjoy!

Here is a new twist on the PS3 Network Hole... it can now be used to run PS3 .PKG files without Updating your Firmware to the 'required' version for each .PKG file. Props go to both NDT and CJPC for discovering this handy variation.

Following one of the previous PS3 Network Hole Guides, pick a .PKG file you wish to run from the PS3 USA/EUR/JAP Store Game Links thread! and once you download it open the .PKG in a PC hex editor such as WinHex. In the header, you will see a .PKG TITLE, in this example it's NPUB30006 (for Gauntlet II).

Take this .PKG TITLE and then grab an edited (to FW v1.00) PARAM.SFO file (or edit your own if you wish, grabbing one such as THIS from Warhawk) and then once again using a PC hex editor such as WinHex change the TITLE ID to match the .PKG file you wish to run and save it... in this case it's NPUB30006. Note: You can also change the TITLE field to a name of your choice (so that you don't have 10 'Warhawks' on your PS3 HDD) but this is NOT necessary so it's personal preference.

Now, following one of the previous PS3 Network Hole Guides note the following, a standard config file versus a FW Update Bypassed one:

Normal Config File:
1.13 NPUA80093_113_release.self warhawkapp.self 8019192
1.13 NPUA80093_113_PARAM.sfo PARAM.SFO 1128
1.00 data00p.psarc data00p.psarc 3043387
FW Update Bypassed Config File:
1.13 PARAM.sfo ../../../NPUB30006/PARAM.SFO 1128
1.13 PARAM.sfo ../../../NPUB30006/PARAM.SFO 1128
1.00 data00p.psarc data00p.psarc 3043387
Notice three things in the above comparisons:

1) The yellow PARAM.sfo represents your modified PARAM.sfo file (which can be named MyEdited.sfo or anything you wish) from above.

2) The addition of the bolded ../../../ which signifies going back (3) directories, and this is what makes this PS3 Network Hole variation work in order to bypass the .PKG Firmware Updates required when used in conjunction with your modified PARAM.sfo file.

3) The red NPUB30006 above represents the TITLE ID from your .PKG file... change this accordingly based on each .PKG file.

Currently this variation was only tested on Warhawk (which requires v1.70 to run), so you would only benefit in running v1.70+ .PKG files without updating from it using this method. More info will come as the resident PS3Devs experiment further of course- stay tuned!

PSP Files: Daedalus (N64 Emulator) PSP R12, Custom Firmware 3.02 IE-A Update 1 For PSP, CheatMaster Tab Editor v1.0 For PSP, FastPower v0.2 Plug-In For OE For PSP, and Game Music Gear v0.1.0 For PSP.