<A HREF="http://www.ps4news.com/news/PS3_Encrypted_Executables.jpg" target="_blank"></A> Update #2: There are now a few PS3 Network Hole Windows guides available as follows: HERE (courtesy of 21Scarface21) and HERE (courtesy of fenghanshi).

Update: A PS3 Network Hole: Linux Method guide is now available for those interested! This Network Hole allows users to copy your own files to the PS3 HDD. Currently the issue is that the .SELF on the HDD is run off the EBOOT.BIN, and the .SELF is an NPDRM encrypted .SELF, so you can't just replace it with our own... however, it will help PS3Devs to examine what makes a .SELF work (aside from what is already known- SHA1 hashes, packed and encrypted, etc).

Keep in mind this may work for other PS3 titles besides Warhawk and also this process won't actually allow you to execute unsigned code (homebrew, iSO Loaders, etc) yet. It's just one step with much more to come... A brief video courtesy of CJPC with a touch of Sopranos humor is also available below (as well as for download from HERE)- enjoy!

Archive of placa's thread: http://web.archive.org/web/200707170...tml#post193569

<A HREF="http://www.ps4news.com/news/PS3_Network_Hole_Found.jpg" target="_blank"></A> Over the weekend placa shared with us in THIS Forum thread news of a potential PS3 exploit discovery. Many of the resident PS3Dev'ers experimented with it throughout the weekend, and several (including both CJPC and subdub among others) were able to successfully reproduce and confirm it as working!

Pictured to your left is a screenshot taken from under GAME... the "Warhawk" logo can be modified as well. Although the actual PS3 exploit itself requires no (c) files from the recent PS3 $DK leak, at this time only those with access to it can copy/upload .SELF (encrypted; standard ELF files currently don't work) files to the PS3 HDD in order to test them. Initially it was thought this method would work with v1.60+ PS3 Firmware, however, at the time of this writing it appears to only work with v1.70+ PS3 Firmware. Please NOTE that this may change, and also we do NOT yet recommend anyone update their console due to this news.

Why not update yet? According to several PS3Dev'ers, this PS3 Network Hole found (including bypass, fake PKG, etc) is now a way for Devs to attempt to copy/replace a .SELF (executable) file to the PS3 HDD... however, they have yet to actually upload a file which brings about a true "Hello World PS3" (which is the primary goal of course, followed thereafter by homebrew, iSO Loaders, and so on). As always, we will post updates as they are available so be sure to stay tuned throughout the week!