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Update: PSP Firmware v3.00 is officially released offering Remote Play, Video Compatibility, and PlayStation Games via emulation (3.00 Firmware Manual), and currently available via Network Update (JAP 3.00 PBP File Update). It's already confirmed able to be dumped (via PSAR Dumper v0.2B 3.00 FW Mod For PSP or PSAR Dumper v0.2B 3.00 FW Mod For 2.71 SE-B3 For PSP), however, once extracted the decryption keys have changed. The File System on Flash0 was changed- currently the Flash0 FAT12 table is inaccessible, and new modules worth mentioning are pops.prx and popsman.prx which likely deal with the PS1 emulator. Use our PSP Firmware v3.00 officially released! Forum thread for discussion, and more to come soon... for now it's NOT recommended to update to it if you wish to run PSP homebrew and iSO images. The following changes are noted:

* Revisions to strengthen security have been added.
* PLAYSTATION(R)Network titles are now supported under [Games].
* [Remote Play] has been added as a feature under [Network].
* [Online Instruction Manuals] has been added as a feature under [Network].
* Timed recording has been added as a feature under [RSS Channel].
* A visual player has been added as a feature under [Music].
* 3-speed fast forward and fast reverse has been added as a feature under [Music].
* [Camera] has been added as a feature under [Photo].
* [UMD(TM) Auto-Start] has been added as a feature in [System Settings] under [Settings].

$ony has now added a PS3 backwards compatiblity to which will check both PS1 and PS2 titles. All you have to do is enter the title of the game and it will let you know the game's compatibility status. Most PS1/PS2 games will display "No major problems for this title" if there are no known issues with them.

Next up, $CE has launched their official Open Platform for PlayStation 3 recently! We have added the initial PS3 Other OS Installer to our Homebrew PS3 Utilities section today. The complete Manual & Download is now available as well as a PS3 Installer FAQ for those interested.

For prospective developers, the PS3 Linux Add-On Discs are now available and contain all of the various kernel patches, tools, and documentation made available by Sony for adapting Linux distributions. Also, Power Developer PS3 provides kernel patches, documentation, and Cell programming examples downloadable separately.

Barcelona Supercomputer Center's "Linux on Cell" provides the Cell SDK for those interested, as well as the IBM Cell SDK which offers even more documentation for the Cell SDK.

In related news, the following popular Linux distributions have support for PowerPC targets and may be adapted to run on PS3 by those with strong knowledge of Linux systems: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora Core, and Gentoo (preliminary PS3 overlay).

Finally, our affiliates at are offering a FREE service for those seeking to Buy/Sell PS3 consoles! Only unopened PS3 consoles will be accepted, and they take NO responsibility for the transaction... they are simply offering a means for those interested to list theirs. Sellers must include Photos, Country, E-Mail, Price, Location Where Bought And When, etc and HERE is an example of one lady who has done it already. Enjoy!

In PSP news today, ADePSP has updated to DevHook Screenshot And Video Capture Module v0.4 For PSP! Changes include support for 4GB MemorySticks now according to the ReadMe file included.

PSPStick has released their own Thrillville (USA) DevHook FiX For PSP today for those seeking another alternative.

Next up, kid101skater has released DeviantFlasher With 2.8 FW Support For PSP today, which now supports PSP 1.50, 2.71SE, and 2.80 for those interested! This application will simply flash the desired files if they are on the root of your MemoryStick, so be cautious when using this utility.

S41N7DLX has released DLX NAND Flash Hybrid Firmware For PSP today for those interested, and chunglam has shared with us a 2.71 + 2.81 Hybrid Firmware Pack For PSP. Those interested in learning more about PSP Hybrid Firmware can check out our How to set-up Hybrid PSP 2.71/2.80 Firmware! Forum thread.