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    Stick Out Tongue PlayStation 3 Software Development Kit leaked!!

    Update: HanSooloo has now updated/clarified his previous PS3 NAND Analysis which can be found HERE.

    Just when PS3 Devs didn't think it could get much better than the recent PS3 $DK Docs and PS3 Debug Firmware leaks, today we are pleased to report that both budding developers and reverse-engineer specialists no longer have to wait... according to a VERY NiCE but anonymous source, the complete PS3 $DK has now been leaked!!

    Before we go on it's important to note that we are only reporting news of the leak itself, and anyone asking/requesting any of the related files will have their account terminated without warning. It is illegal to possess and/or distribute the contents unless you are a licensed developer (in which case you can obtain it directly from $ony).

    With that being stated, those interested can view the v1.60 PS3 $DK Complete FileList (Size: contains 941 directories; 5,551 files; 464,400,960 bytes). Also, in a brief NOTE of interest thus far: the PS3 creates a FAT system partition for temporary storage... and also below are a few areas resident PS3 Devs are currently focusing on within the $DK:

    Compiling and running code via 'acquired' Dev hardware
    Gaining a better understanding how the PS3 console works
    Encrypting our own Debug executables (make_fself: essentially normal PS3 ELF -> PS3 SELF [secure/crypted]) on Dev boxes
    Identifying and examining $CE calls/functions- this will lead to the creation of a "free" PS3$DK as it did with PS2 (inside joke: simply remove "sce_" flags and it's legal!)
    Through disassembly, sort the exact ELF->SELF method; extract Debug encryption keys
    PS3 Cell File System: In this v1.60 $DK, mkfs.self (CELL FS format utility) comparison VS from v0.50-v0.80 $DK mkfs.elf (which weren't encrypted, so can be ran and disassembled)
    Make and store games on a Dev box via $DK.. including signing them for Dev machines
    PSX(PS1)/PS2 region settings; future region switching shouldn't be difficult based on a preliminary examination
    Other areas of peak interest thus far: and (hardware documentation packages)
    A LOT more- the above is from an extremely brief peek only

    Finally, for non-Devs even some of the related tools seem interesting as well: Reference Tool CP update file Sample Data gcc/gdb Windows gcc/gdb Linux Documents Disc Image Generator Eclipse Plugins Performance Analyzer Tools at3tool PAMF Tools MultiStream Tools SEdit VAG Converter
    Once again, HUGE THANKS to the kind anonymous soul who has passed along this VERY cool PS3 $DK leak information! Hopefully in the near future it will bring about many interesting PS3 developments... with the obvious goal being a fully functional "Hello World" PS3!
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