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Closed Thread
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    Stick Out Tongue PlayStation 3 Software Development Kit leaked!!

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    Update: HanSooloo has now updated/clarified his previous PS3 NAND Analysis which can be found HERE.

    Just when PS3 Devs didn't think it could get much better than the recent PS3 $DK Docs and PS3 Debug Firmware leaks, today we are pleased to report that both budding developers and reverse-engineer specialists no longer have to wait... according to a VERY NiCE but anonymous source, the complete PS3 $DK has now been leaked!!

    Before we go on it's important to note that we are only reporting news of the leak itself, and anyone asking/requesting any of the related files will have their account terminated without warning. It is illegal to possess and/or distribute the contents unless you are a licensed developer (in which case you can obtain it directly from $ony).

    With that being stated, those interested can view the v1.60 PS3 $DK Complete FileList (Size: contains 941 directories; 5,551 files; 464,400,960 bytes). Also, in a brief NOTE of interest thus far: the PS3 creates a FAT system partition for temporary storage... and also below are a few areas resident PS3 Devs are currently focusing on within the $DK:

    Compiling and running code via 'acquired' Dev hardware
    Gaining a better understanding how the PS3 console works
    Encrypting our own Debug executables (make_fself: essentially normal PS3 ELF -> PS3 SELF [secure/crypted]) on Dev boxes
    Identifying and examining $CE calls/functions- this will lead to the creation of a "free" PS3$DK as it did with PS2 (inside joke: simply remove "sce_" flags and it's legal!)
    Through disassembly, sort the exact ELF->SELF method; extract Debug encryption keys
    PS3 Cell File System: In this v1.60 $DK, mkfs.self (CELL FS format utility) comparison VS from v0.50-v0.80 $DK mkfs.elf (which weren't encrypted, so can be ran and disassembled)
    Make and store games on a Dev box via $DK.. including signing them for Dev machines
    PSX(PS1)/PS2 region settings; future region switching shouldn't be difficult based on a preliminary examination
    Other areas of peak interest thus far: Cell_HW_Doc-xxx.zip and iRSX-HW_Doc-xxx.zip (hardware documentation packages)
    A LOT more- the above is from an extremely brief peek only

    Finally, for non-Devs even some of the related tools seem interesting as well:
    PS3_CP_Update-150_004.zip Reference Tool CP update file
    PS3_SDK_SampleData-160_008.zip Sample Data
    PS3_Toolchain-Win_160_008.zip gcc/gdb Windows
    PS3_Toolchain-Linux_160_008.zip gcc/gdb Linux
    PS3_SDKDoc-160_01-Latest-x.zip Documents
    PS3_Generator-115.zip Disc Image Generator
    PS3_Eclipse_Plugins-150_004.zip Eclipse Plugins
    PS3_PA_150_004.zip Performance Analyzer Tools
    PS3_at3tool-2000.zip at3tool
    PAMF_Tools-100.zip PAMF Tools
    MultiStream_Tools-135.zip MultiStream Tools
    SEdit-1200.zip SEdit
    VAGconverter-1.0.zip VAG Converter
    Once again, HUGE THANKS to the kind anonymous soul who has passed along this VERY cool PS3 $DK leak information! Hopefully in the near future it will bring about many interesting PS3 developments... with the obvious goal being a fully functional "Hello World" PS3!
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Closed Thread

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