As mentioned in our Past News, today out4it of our Staff is sharing his review on the new Octapus 3D mod-chip for v4-v15 PS2/PSTwo consoles. For those interested, the official Web site for the Octapus 3D is, and current ReSellers include: (Greece), (Germany), and (Italy). Now on to the Team PS3News review courtesy of out4it!

"Well folks here it is, the review of the Octapus 3D Chip! Ok First let me start off by saying I have NO previous experience installing anything like this. When I got the package I was very excited because I was about to try something new. At first glance, the chip appears very small in size and very thin. I couldn't hold back, I had to get started! I proceeded to to find instructions on how to do this, but was a bit disappointed in the diagrams on the site. After examining them I had it figured out, so I got my soldering iron, solder, and wire ready. With that done, I started to take apart my PS2 v12 slimline.

After soldering all the wire leads first I had one step down... now to find the correct spot for the 10 pads that need to be soldered to the BiOS. I looked and looked, then went for it! They are very tiny points, but I made a makeshift jeweler's light with a magnifying glass and a light. Once those were done the other 9 wires (yes, nine for a v12) had to be soldered. I painstakenly looked over each spot to make sure it was the correct one. Once I was confident I soldered each point. I noticed it says in the instructions to use a heavier wire for one of the points so I did. After asssemblying it back together... it was the moment of truth.

I went and plugged everything back in and fired it up. It worked! Now to throw everything in my arsenal at it. I tried DVD-R back-ups, DVD-R movies, CD-R back-ups of PS1 and PS2 games, and even a few DVD+R movies and games. THEY ALL WORKED perfectly- no swapping!! Just put the disc in and play, so I recommend the Octapus 3D chip highly. My advice is to take your time, and try to make something like my little jeweler's lamp (it helped tremendously) and double-check everything. Total install time was about 3 hours, but now that I know how I can do it in less than an hour from complete tear down to re-assembly. Those with any experience in installing chips will find this is so easy and a very quick install of course. The price is great, and it performs flawlessly!! "