Update: Just a brief update for the moment on the PS3 Pre-Orders mentioned below... it's now 10:30AM and I'm already back home. I got to my local shop at 7:30AM and there was already 2 people in line so I was #3. Around 8:45AM the store manager arrived and let us know that despite what's being reported (8-16 per store) they are only taking (4) PS3 Pre-Orders at their location, and luckily I was one of them and Pre-Ordered it with a PS3 game for the required $100 plus a $5 deposit for the game. Case and point? If you didn't get to GameStop/EB Games early, chances are they will either put you on a waiting list in case one of the limited Pre-Orders falls through (no guarantee nor money down- they did this for one person who really bugged them) or just turn you away. Good luck to ALL who are wasting a few hours today waiting in line all over- WE RULE!

Wedge has also updated to Custom Firmware Revision A 2.71 SE VSHEX DLX2 Alpha 20 Mod For DevHook v0.46 For PSP today with the following changes:
vshexDLX for 2.71 SE (2.71F mode)

- USB working
- Screenshot working
- DAX not working
- Added a fast and dirty direct launcher. Just unpack to your PSP/GAME folder.


-Install 2.71 SE and make sure it’s working.
-Overwrite all the files with the ones in the archive.
-Use the included launcher.
A new week, and a LOT of cool PS3/PSP news to report- check back often guys!
  • To kick things off in PS3 news today, GameSpot.com announced that GameStop & EB Games will begin taking limited (only 8-16 units likely per store) PS3 Pre-Orders at 10AM tomorrow- Tuesday, October 10, 2006. These Pre-Orders will only be IN-STORE (not on-line yet) and a $100 deposit is required. Those interested can check out a notification e-mail and also a corporate office memo that were just released, and feel free to discuss this exciting news in our on-going PS3 Pre-orders at GameStop tomorrow!!! Forum thread!

  • Wedge has updated to VSHEX DLX2 Alpha 19 Mod For DevHook v0.46 For PSP today! From the ReadMe file, changes include:
    What’s new: Transparent PSP icon, Preset 20-second days, Auto power-saving mode.

    If you leave you PSP unattended for a set number of seconds it will automatically go into power-saving mode by changing the clock speed to 37MHz, as indicated by a transparent PSP icon in vshexDLX. As soon as you press a key it will go back to your preset clock speed. This feature is available even when the vshexDLX screen is not active.

    There are two drawbacks with this feature: it may activate when you’re listening to music, watching a movie or any other activity where you don’t need to press a key; the other is that on vshexDLX only, not the XMB, the first keystroke will have no effect other than exiting power-saving mode (these may be considered a good thing by some people) and it may not be recognized immediately since the PSP is working very slowly.

    On some informal testing, the power saved in this mode can increase battery life by 50%. This feature can be controlled through dlx.ini (unfortunately there’s no way to enable/disable at run-time). The new option “PowerSaving” will be the number of seconds before power-saving mode kicks in. Minimum time is 30 seconds. Set to 0 to disable this feature.
    Wedge also released a DB.INI Tutorial For VSHEX DLX2 For PSP recently for those interested- enjoy!

  • chunglam has updated to DevHook Launcher Mod v1.63b For PSP today, with the following changes:
    Version 1.63b

    - Added fw2.71SE-A support
    - Added dummy XMB-BOOT.cso

    * Please note Launcher in folder "ms0:/psp/game" is ready for fw1.50 and fw2.71 (HEN & SE), you don't need to copy any file to "ms0:/psp/game150"
  • Next up, in our Custom Firmware Revision A 2.71 SE For PSP! Forum thread, Custom Firmware Revision A 2.71 SE File Assistant For PSP has been added which includes a detailed Tutorial on How to Reset Settings on 2.71 Special Edition for those seeking to do so.

  • In other PSP news today, grit has shared with us a Custom Firmware Revision A 2.71 SE DevHook.INI For PSP. It includes a brief Usage Tutorial for those who would like to learn how to make their own, but it also includes a working pre-made DevHook.INI file to save others time too- cool stuff!

  • Before we dive into a slew of 2.71 SE PSP releases, Cannibalturtle has shared with us a TMNT PSP Theme today in our on-going Custom PSP Backgrounds/Themes Forum thread- nice!

  • Kelrith has released a Custom Firmware Revision A 2.71 SE DevHook VSHEX And USB Mod For PSP today! It is a port of the VSHEXMOD and USBHOSTFS from chunglam's previous release updated to work with Dark_AleX's 2.71 SE Custom Firmware. In related news, danielkay1710 has shared Custom Firmware Revision A 2.71 SE DevHook VSHEX DLX2 And USB Mod For PSP!

  • JAMESBDX has released a Custom Firmware Revision A 2.71 SE DevHook VSHEX Mod For PSP today, and it was followed shortly by Custom Firmware Revision A 2.71 SE DevHook VSHEX Mod r1 For PSP which implements USB support and includes a 2.71 Alternate folder as well!

  • PSPoste has released PSPoste BETA 1 For PSP which is an open-source PSP homebrew POP3 and SMTP e-mail client application- which allows you to compose, send, recieve, and view e-mail on the go. Cool stuff!