Recently our iRC @perator Duophone picked up a Nintendo Dual Screen, and after some research on options he inquired about the new NDS SuperCard SD from our affiliate Being the nice folks they are, they offered to let Team PS3News review the product- and shipped one right out! Below is Duophone's review for NDS users and those interested:

The SuperCard SD Adapter is a very handy item for your NDS! It allows you to play both NDS and GBA ROMs directly off of a SanDisk card. It's a fairly simple process, two things are required: The SuperPass SD and the PASSME. To begin, the PASSME is a device that goes into the DS slot, followed by placing an original DS cart into the PASSME- thats all u need to do for that.

Next, you need to download the kernel and software from the SuperCard Web site. Once that is done, put the latest firmware on your SanDisk card (which you should have formatted in FAT), then put your SanDisk card into the SuperCard SD, and put it in the GBA slot of your Nintendo DS and watch it load up! Now just take the NDS/GBA ROMs, patch them through the software, and put them on your SanDisk card- and VOILA! You can now play NDS and GBA games directly off your SuperCard!

After experimenting for awhile with it, I've noticed it will play unpatched NES, GB, GBC, and some PCE ROMs too along with the GBA and NDS ones... you can also compress the games to save room. I believe it even plays movies and MP3 files, although I have not tested this myself yet. All the games I have tried work great, and some say GBA has a slowdown but I have yet to encouter any in the limited titles I have tested so far anyway.

All around for the price (currently only $54.94 from HERE), the NDS SuperCard SD is a must-have for any NDS owner! It gives you LOTs of options and performs great too! The software / firmware is updated often- which is always a good sign, and it stores tons of games... not much more you can ask for!