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    PS3 Square Button NBA2K7 (USA) PS3 released!

    Update: Those interested can now register their desired PlayStation Tag on-line (versus requiring a PS3 and residing in the US) using THIS link- cool news indeed for gamers around the globe!

    Once again the GODS @ Paradox have released another nice PS3 iSO image dump as follows: NBA2K7_USA_PS3-PARADOX

    For those interested, the image size is 7.59GB (8,153,399,296 bytes, now listed in our Post PS3 Dump Sizes! Forum thread as well) the NFO File is available, and also an interesting excerpt from it is mirrored below as follows:
    | sPECIAL nOTE: |
    | |
    | Thanks Huey Lewis you rock! We hope we will see you soon on |
    | another great Back To The Future release :-) We love the movies |
    | with Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown but last but not least |
    | the sexy Jennifer Parker :-D Shes HOT! P.S. talking about |
    | Dr. Emmett Brown, we spoke him last day and he discoverd |
    | something what maybe can shock the world.. but we have no idea |
    | if it helps or not :-P He discoverd that the first sectors from |
    | a PS3 image (sector 0 till 20) are special, are they the |
    | decryption keys for the excutables? (EBOOT.BIN) |
    | Only GoD knows! |
    PSP File releases today: Blitz Overtime (USA) 449MB PSP RipKit, Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 (USA) 518MB PSP RipKit Mod, and DevHook v0.51.0100 Multi-Lang Mod v0.03 For PSP.
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