We received word tonight from the folks over at www.HDFury.com of their new HDFury digital to analog converter with built-in HDCP stripper! A/V enthusiasts will LOVE this device, as it decrypts HDCP-encrypted images for use on non-HDCP compliant TVs.

Aside from the HD Fury features and specifications detailed below, the Team was nice enough to provide us with an exclusive HDFury PS3 Prototype Picture for those interested, and let us know production is underway with a target release date of May 1, 2007.

It's also important to NOTE that both the PS3 and HDFury (among other HDMI source/receivers) utilize an HDMI transmitter from Silicon Image, and although they state it's far superior to CP262 (and completely out of comparison with components) we're told the proof is coming- including full side-by-side comparision pictures and videos!

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Permanent HDCP Modification Kit
HDCP compliance for any RGB display

• Add a HD (720p) & Full HD (1080p) Digital Input (HDCP/HDMI) to any Analog RGB display!

HDFury is an amazing tiny device designed to outperform any HDCP stripper.

• Picture quality through HDFury is the best possible that you can reach:

- Shortest RGB analog link as possible.
- Gold plated materials.
- Ultra Fast IC > 1.65Gbs Bandwidth (over the 1080p limit!)

• It is fully compatible (HD & Full HD - 720p/1080p) with any HDMI sources such as HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, PS3, X-Box 360 Elite, HDTV cable box, HDTV SAT box or HDMI graphic card.

HDFury solves the BLACK SCREEN issue on PlayStation 3!

• Any RGB display hooked up with HDFury can display a 720p or 1080p (HD & Full HD) Visual Fury! It transforms any RGB display into a HDCP compliant device.

• Compatible with PC monitors, HDTV, Video/Retro projectors, LCD, Plasma.

HDFury is an external Add On Card for your RGB display! It's a Plug & Play answer to any HDMI/HDCP compliance issue, and it will enhance your display's life time and trade price!

• HDCP rules compliant: no end-user easy access to decrypted analog video. Once installed, this module becomes "a part of the display itself". The HDFury module is DIRECTLY screwed to the back of the RGB display (where SUB-D15 VGA port stand).



• Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Player
PlayStation 3, X-Box 360 Elite
• PC HDMI Graphics Card
• SAT & Cable HDTV Box
• Any DVI or HDMI source


Display a 1080p Visual Fury

• PC monitor (CRT, Tubes, LCD)
• HDTV, Plasma, LCD
• LCD, DLP, SXRD, D-ILA proj.
• 3 tubes proj. Barco, Nec, etc.
• Any RGB, VGA, YUV Display