As mentioned in our Past News, our iRC @perator Limbfilter has offered to review the PS2 Ghost 2 v2 mod-chip, so here it is!

The Ghost 2 v2 PS2 mod-chip is available for sale from many ReSellers as outlined on the official Web site I received my Ghost 2 v2 mod-chip earlier this week. I was excited to try this baby out considering I just found myself a JAP v0 PS2 for next to nothing. You can count on one hand the number of mod-chips that will work on v0, and half of those you can't find anymore! This is because of how different the v0 is to our regular USA PS2. The G.2 can do v0-v15, and not only that but it has the capability to handle future revisions because the Firmware is upgradeable. My G.2 came with no Firmware installed, which is normal.. you have to install the chip in order to flash it. So I picked up the v0 diagrams off of the G.2 Web site, opened my PS2, and discovered that the diagrams weren't for a JAP v0.

I decided to go through their Forum for help the way a regular customer would. I posted my problem, and received a response in less than 48 hours. I was instructed to use old Messiah 2 diagrams, which were linked for me, and I was told which wires I could ignore. I followed the instructions and booted into Recovery Mode! This was one of the most interesting things about this chip. Pressing reset five times from Standby Mode seems to boot a PS1 hack that allows the Recovery Disc to Flash the chip. I was then greeted by the PlayStation logo, and the Recovery Disc flashed to the new BiOS. Speaking of which, the G.2 has a Config Manager which allows you to do some neat stuff such as remove Macrovision, Fast Boot (removes logos), ATAD patching, and it saves your settings to your Memory Card. The G.2 was able to boot and play all of my back-ups flawlessly. That includes CD-R, DVD-R, some fresh new DVD9 games, and DNA$ games. For a chip that can do all of this and have wonderful Tech Support Forum, I truly feel there really is no better choice for your PS2 console!