Over the weekend I finally had some time to install my Full-Size DVDR GameCube Case from www.GameCubeCase.com. Installation consisted of simply removing the (4) bottom screws with my GameBit screwdriver as detailed on their Installation Manual page, and then swapping my OEM Mini-DVDR Case for the new Full-Size DVDR Case and replacing the screws. That's it! In around 5 minutes I was ready to go, so I took a few pictures of my Platinum Full-Size DVDR Cube as follows: GameCubeCase Front, GameCubeCase Back, GameCubeCase Left, GameCubeCase Right, GameCubeCase Lid Open, and GameCubeCase Full-Size DVDR.

As you can see in the pictures, the GameCubeCase.com case fits perfectly, and makes it a lot nicer to use Full-Size DVDR media without having to leave your top GC lid off. I also was pleased to see the case arrives unbranded, however, a HushTrap Jewel is included FREE but doesn't come attached as some (like myself) may opt to use the original GC Jewel instead. Available case colors include Black, Clear, Spice, Indigo, Clear Indigo, Silver, and Smoke Black (Translucent) and high-resolution pics of each are available HERE. Finally, what I liked about the case is that it's a GREAT time-saver... it comes already fully-assembled and is available from these retailers for around $25 each. Now I can enjoy my GameCube Imports and LEGAL back-ups on standard DVDR media without having to buy the more expensive (and less compatable) Mini-DVDR discs- excellent work GameCubeCase.com!

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