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    Eek FERROX v1.0 PS3 iSO Loader video released!

    Update #2: To end this SuperBowl Sunday, we have FERROX v1.0 PS3 iSO Loader Video #2 courtesy of naoneo, and props to PS3Lawdy for the video .WMV files. Those seeking to see the first video (which now appears to be removed) can do so archived HERE.

    Update: The GODs @ Paradox have just released Sonic_The_Hedgehog_USA_PS3-PARADOX and to quote from the NFO File:
    | sPECIAL nOTE: |
    | |
    | PS3 is the magic number !!!! What does it all mean ??? |
    | D-day coming soon ! |
    In Wii news, Rawdump Wii Disc Dumper v1.00 is now available, and allows you to dump a disc in as little as three hours now! It also includes a complete re-write of the dump code, error correction, and an integrated unscrambler. Following shortly after it is Rawdump Wii Disc Dumper v1.2 BETA 2 for those interested. You can discuss these releases in our ongoing Rawdump Wii Disc Dumper released! Forum thread.

    In PSP news, Dark_AleX has also shared with us 3.10 OE-A For PSP today which includes the 4th level of brightness (now selectable without an AC adapter), patches to run homebrew under 3.10 kernel, and more! Be sure to post your feedback in our Official PSP 3.10 OE-A And Compatibility thread! thread.

    Dev'er naoneo has released a video of her FERROX v1.0 PS3 iSO Loader today. In the video she states "this works on all Firmware versions" (and implies there is a security vulnerability in the PS3's Hyper visor) which would be welcomed news to many PS3 owners if so. Obviously until such a thing is publically available the video is for entertainment purposes only, however, as naoneo is a known homebrew Dev it may very well be authentic indeed. Time will tell, check out the video below, and post your thoughts and feedback in our PS3 iSO Loader Working in Video?! Forum thread or drop by iRC EFnet #PS3News. Props to kutibah for the news too!

    In other PS3 news today, Virtua_Fighter_5_PS3-EMiNENT has been dumped and is now in circulation... four days before retail too!

    Wii iSO dump releases that hit cyberspace today include Cars_PAL_ENGLISH_Wii-WiiERD, Call_Of_Duty_3_PAL_ENGLISH_Wii-WiiERD, Need_For_Speed_Carbon_PAL_ENGLISH_READNFO_Wii-WiiERD, Tony_Hawks_Downhill_Jam_USA_PROPER_WII-SYNDiCATE, Super_Monkey_Ball_Banana_Blitz_MULTi_READNFO_PAL_W ii-WiiERD, Barnyard.PAL.WII-LoCAL, and Wii_Sports_WII_EUR-JESUS.

    PSP Files: Flash Agent E For 3.10 OE-A For PSP, Custom XMBWave With XMBWave Flasher v0.1 For PSP, VSH Analog v0.1 Plug-In For OE For PSP, USB Mod v4b For 3.10 OE-A For PSP, Paladin v1.3 PAL-To-NTSC Converter For PopStation For PSP, Bogus Firmware Project v1.00 For 3.03 OE-C For PSP, MapIDS v3 FINAL For PSP, CWCheat Database And POP Database Editor v1.3 For PSP, PSP Submenu Icon Injector v1.1, PSP Submenu Icon Injector v2.0, PSP Topmenu Extractor v1.0, CSO-DAX Compressor v0.37 FINAL For PSP, PopStation v0.2 endSlabs Mod For PSP, and PopStation And CopStation Batch Converter For PSP.
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