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    Blaze PSP TV Adaptor reviewed by Team PS2NFO!

    We have several product reviews forthcoming from our Staff Members, and today I had a chance to review the new Blaze PSP TV Adaptor (pictured) myself from the official Web site It arrived secure in a standard retail package in about 4 days, and upon opening it up I found the Adaptor unit itself (complete with dust cover plate), A/V cables, and the Instructions of course. The packaging includes a nice Installation diagram on the back of it also, so using that I was able to attach it to my PSP, connect it to my 55" TV, and was up and running in about 3-4 minutes tops. NOTE: You have to use your own PSP AC Power Adaptor to power the Blaze PSP TV Adaptor, but an advantage of this is it also charges your PSP while playing. Those interested can check out a few pictures of the Adaptor on my PSP as follows: Installation (Front) and Installation (Back).

    Upon firing it up, my first impression was "WOW, it really works!" as I was staring at my Hot Shots Golf PSP UMD game on my TV screen. One issue I ran into initially was that the volume appeared to be low, however, after turning up the volume on my PSP (versus the TV) all was well- problem solved. After testing a few PSP games and a couple movie files on my PSP, I found the Brightness/Focus adjustment dials very useful for fine-tuning it to my liking. The overall picture quality was decent, especially considering the price of only $49.90 from or similar on-line retailers. Personally, I found the Game mode better than the Movie mode switch, and I also enjoyed playing games on it more than watching movies due to the overall A/V quality. If I want to sit and watch 2-hour movies on my 55" TV, it's much nicer to do so via a stand-alone DVD player (common sense), however, the Blaze PSP TV Adaptor does play them reasonably well.

    In conclusion, I feel that the Blaze PSP TV Adaptor delivers everything that it claims and actually does it quite nice for the price! I haven't tried more expensive variants of the product to compare them yet, but personally speaking I can't justify opening my own v1.50 PSP (voiding the warranty) just so I can play it on my TV when simple, adequate, and affordable solutions such as this are readily available. I would also like to NOTE that after actually experiencing the PSP on my TV it is indeed quite entertaining as others in the room can watch. With that being said, like other reviewers have mentioned I too feel that the PS2 is still the #1 choice for home entertainment gaming on the big screen while the PSP is best for gaming on the go... or multi-tasking as I most often play my PSP while idling on iRC, burning media, watching TV, etc! Feel free to discuss your own related feedback on this topic in our PSP Chat Forum. Cheers!
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