Last year I myself reviewed the Blaze PSP TV Adaptor (available archived with ALL our Reviews at, but to begin the new week Staff Member phunky wishes to share his own review on the Blaze PSP TV Adaptor courtesy of Here we go!

Ever wanted to be able to see that small PSP screen on your TV? The Blaze PSP TV Adaptor is a device used to view your PSP on any TV, LCD, projector or plasma screen supporting A/V connections. To do this requires no internal or external modification to the PSP itself.


• Forms the display of PSP on TV screen
• Supports NTSC/PAL
• Focus and brightness adjustable
• No modification of console is required
• Supports sound output on TV

What is in the box:

• PSP TV Adaptor x1
• AV Cable x1
• Instruction Manual x1

Right out of the box this product is pretty intuitive. The instructions are clear and provide good visuals in case you do run into problems with the installation. Now I say installation but there really isn't much to it. The first thing I noticed was that the adaptor requires power, now if you look at the list above it has no mention of a power adaptor. This was a huge problem to me, until I read the Instruction Manual. The power is supplied by your PSP AC adaptor that comes with your PSP. I found this to be a nice feature, you only need to keep up with one power adaptor instead of 2.


The Blaze PSP TV Adaptor has 2 switches that should be set prior to use. NTSC/PAL selection, and Movie/Game selection. The choices are obvious choose according to your region and what your are about to view on the TV. I found that the Movie Mode tends to be more bright, while Game Mode is a bit darker. The instructions claim Movie Mode has better wording effect, while Game Mode has better action effect. The buttons on the PSP are still accessible with the adaptor installed, the Home, Volume, Start, and Select buttons are a bit crowded but not to where they can't be used. The adaptor is light and isn't too much of a burden to deal with when playing games.

Picture Quality:

The picture quality is what is to be expected from composite AV cables. It uses a mirror to reflect the PSP screen and then converts to the TV picture.. I tested this on 2 different TV types. A 52" rear projection TV (480i) and a 37" LCD (1080i). The picture was a bit dull compared to the nice LCD screen of the PSP, but that is to be expected. The adaptor offers two options to correct this: Brightness Adjustment and Focus, which can help clear things up a bit, and must be used to get optimum video quality. I found the picture to be better on a standard 480i TV.

Sound Quality:

On my 52" test TV the sound was good except for a buzzing/humming sound.. this could have been due to a bad connection on the TV. I then tested on the 37" LCD and didn't notice any unusual sounds like before. Again sound quality was good, but not great.


Not a bad device for someone who isn't too happy with the small PSP screen. I find this to be a good thing for children and people having problems viewing the small PSP screen. All in all the Blaze PSP TV Adaptor gets the job done, and without any modifications to the PSP that will void your warranty.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10