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Thread: PS3 4.40 Firmware downgrade help?

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    Catfish Billy Guest

    PS3 4.40 Firmware downgrade help?

    Hi all, been doing a lot of reading on a lot of forums... but still have a question or at least want to confirm. I just got a ps3 500gb God of War bundle, so it is a newer firmware, it is updated to the latest sony 4.40. I want to play "backup games".

    So is this possible at all to accomplish without the flasher thing to downgrade to 3.55? I guess it is not at all possible to play burnt games with anything over 3.55?? I understand it can't be bricked unless it's downgraded to 3.55?

    thanks all in advance I realise these are same noob questions, but it is still confusing cuz i guess there are fake jailbreak stuff on youtube and all... basically what do i need to do to play burnt games with a brand new console and 4.40 sony firmware?

    sorry i meant jailbreaked not bricked there.

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    zyxy Guest
    If you read so much than you know that lower firmware on any version higher than 3.55 is impossible if you dont have flasher hardware.

    Also downgrade firmware on new superslim ps3 is impossible because sony blocked hardware downgrade on this ps3. stop watching stupid youtube spam because you will end with bricked ps3.

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    pelicula Guest
    same problem here

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    v1r11 Guest

    can ps3 4.40 be modded for CFW

    been looking all over the site but cant seem to find any news on whether the ps3 firmware version 4.40 can be modded I have seen posts saying no but i'm wondering can it now be done?

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