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Thread: Removing SEN 4.25 Spoofer help?

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    paulbhoy Guest

    Removing SEN 4.25 Spoofer help?

    Hi guys, i have sen 4.25 spoofer on my slim 3.55 kmeaw & i've just lost my install pkg files from my xmb, im trying to get my system back to 3.55 but the spoofer wont let me install ofw 3.55 then cfw 3.55.

    My system is 3.55 kmeaw & not 4.25 as when i try to sign into psn it asks for an update. I've spent the last 3 days searching the forum but still cant find how to get rid of the spoofer, can anyone please help.

    Thanks in advance

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    technodon Guest
    go into the recovery menu by holding the power button until the console beeps twice, when you see a connect contoller screen this will show a firmware version which cannot be spoofed. if you are still on 3.55 then just install 3.55 from here and it will be fine, although i suspect that your console has been updated

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    paulbhoy Guest
    thanks technodon, will give it a try. +rep

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