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    oceansoul Guest

    PS3 Slim downgrade help?

    I have an E3 and from my ps3 i put them on friend ps3 use tham to backup ps3 i get ps3 backup all 3 files are ok i test them with dump checker and flowrebuild ...

    Question : I grab Rogero dump patcher i use dumped file and done patch what is next step ?

    is it ok to back them to ps3 and what other steps please ?

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    racer0018 Guest
    Post up your dumps and I will look at them. The only way to make sure that they are good is to verify them by looking at them in a hex editor. After that I will tell you the next steps. Thanks

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    oceansoul Guest
    Sended PM to you friend with dump original 3.7x firmware and patched by rogero nor dump tool just wait for feedback ..

    thanks a lot

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