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Thread: Blu-ray Playback Project Idea - Feedback Wanted help?

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    gamerdfwm Guest

    Lightbulb Blu-ray Playback Project Idea - Feedback Wanted help?

    After experiencing my own troubles with losing playback after a downgrade of a phat PS3, I've spent days reading various guides and trying different solutions. All of my research has taught me that NAND PS3s owners have to contend with issues such as:
    • Having a proper DRL backup
    • Knowing the drive's playback history
    • Possibly creating DRL files
    • Possibly remarrying the drive
    • And more...

    All of this may or may not lead to the recovery of proper BluRay playback. There is the option of using an SS patched firmware such as OtherOS++ to restore playback by eliminating the DRL <-> HRL check, but some games will not work due to the inability to work with trophies.

    Is it possible to perform an SS patch in a similar fashion to the way we set the QA flag? If we had a utility to switch the patch on and off, it would be much more convenient than repeated firmware swaps, and it would help more people to conveniently use BluRay movie playback.

    Unfortunately, I do not have the skill set to create such a tool, but I'd like to know what people think. Is this feasible? Does this already exist? Is there a better option? Is there someone that wants to build this?

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    phuqt Guest
    couldn't deleting the files and install new ones be integrated into cfw to fix that from happening?

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    gamerdfwm Guest
    I can't say with certainty, but that is a good idea. After going into FSM mode after the hardware flashing, you could run a self to copy dev_flash3 prior to flashing the firmware. That would give you a backup you can use to restore functionality after the downgrade.

    Unfortunately, the files are not universal, so people will need their own backup or way to patch the check in the event that they don't have a backup.

    My question assumes that no backup is available, so you would have to write files and bypass the check or write the proper files and pass the check.

    Thank you for responding,


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    Bigbones87 Guest
    Interesting. Remarrying a bd drive board doesn't lose playback if you play a blue ray disk in it before exiting fsm. Backing up dev_flash 2 and dev_flash 3 using preloader lvl2diag and then restoring them after the downgrade was complete would also give you blue ray playback. Would that not work? Because you can get into fsm on newer firmwares, you just can't get out. So then I am assuming you can also call upon things such as making the preloader lvl2diag backup the dev flash files.

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    phuqt Guest
    i don't know much about remaring drives but that you should be able to write that into mfw builder like they did with broken bd consoles.

    i also remember some old post about reading the firmware off the bd drive board if we can read the encrypted board we should be able to flash the drive board a generic file as if it never played a disk before.

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