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Thread: CFW 3.55 PS3 Blu-ray Encryption help?

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    dhennick99 Guest

    CFW 3.55 PS3 Blu-ray Encryption help?

    I have an 80gb Fat Model CECHE01 and I keep getting the BD Encryption error message when I try to load a bluray movie. My console recently YLOD and I sent it into a guy on ebay to be reballed. He sent me the console back and ever since then I get this error. Even with movies that had no problems before this guy did his reball.

    What could be the problem? Is there anything this repairman could have done? I watched Jaws, which was released in august, with no issues. Now I get the error. The error shows up with bluray discs that are 5 years old. Long before 3.55 was even available. It'll run games and dvds, just not the blurays.

    Anyone? It won't run any blu ray movie. Regardless of what it is. What's wrong? Please help

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    gamerdfwm Guest
    You could have a problem with the DRL <-> HRL checks that the Blu-Ray performs for playback. A quick test would be to load OtherOS++ CFW and see if the movie plays.

    The root cause could be anything from the ebay seller swapping hardware to messing with the dev_flash3. There's a great guide on recovering playback, but it requires you to know a lot about the movies played in the drive.

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    dhennick99 Guest
    What is otherOS++cfw? is it like rebug or kmeaw?

    My harddrive should be the same. The system booted up with all my homebrew and games.

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