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Thread: PS3 isn't reading discs help?

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    NTA Guest

    PS3 isn't reading discs help?

    This isn't the first time it's happened but now it doesn't seem it's going to go away. I thought the ps3 couldn't read any discs until my nephew put in a dvd and it played fine. I thought it was fixed and put in a ps3 disc, and nothing loaded

    Is it a problem with the hardware?

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    ArgonLV Guest
    Only blue ray part of a laser is actually broken in your case, CDs and DVDs should work fine.

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    NTA Guest
    O_o that sounds terrible. How does the blue ray part of the laser get broken?

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    Anger007 Guest
    its a seperate laser and its known for having a short life <= 1 year usually. in some ps3s the actual diode can be replaced but these days its cheaper just to replace the whole laser head inside the drive. the hard part is knowing which laser to buy. back on topic - if it is only reading dvds and cds and not blu ray games or movies then its almost certainly a new laser required for you.

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    ichris26 Guest
    Definitely just buy the whole assembly instead of the single laser as it is by far easier that way.

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    NTA Guest
    Sounds like good news then. Are there any suggestions on what parts I should buy?

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    Anger007 Guest
    to buy you need to know what you have. theres 2 different types of laser modules for phat ps3s - one has a single lense and the other has 2 lenses and they are not compatible. if its a slim i dont know the laser configuration for them. whether its a phat ps3 or a slim you need to open your ps3 and remove the bluray drive and open it to see what kind of laser is inside it then simply buy one of those.

    youtube is your friend if you need help dismantling your ps3 and blu ray drive. one small tip - dont break the plastic clips.

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