I can't get this game to work I tried put the 1.00 then add the 1.02 patch then change the files to the 1.02 one. I also tried the 1.03 pkg and overwrite the files in the archive with the one in the game. and when I try and press to play the game it goes to black screen and I then I have to restart my ps3.

and also when I tried the first time to get it to work I got 80028F10 error, and when I tried to figure out how to fix it I found that the SFO files I try to switch had a problem and I need to open it with the sfo editor and check the 1080 box because somehow it was unchecked on all of the SFO files on all of the different patch files.

I always put all of the files in the right place each file to the right folder and I also tried to run the game with BD Emu and it also didn't work... so if can anybody help me with that and tell me what am I doing wrong or put only the files.

I need and tell me exectlly what I need to do?