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Thread: PS3 sound through monitor speakers help?

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    Branno Guest

    PS3 sound through monitor speakers help?

    hey guys, so i'm using my ps3 through my monitor but i cant get the speakers to work. the monitor has build in speakers, i'm using a HDMI cable to connect the ps3 to the monitor, i have selected HDMI in the audio output settings of the ps3 and as far as i can see there is nothing i can do with the sound in the monitor setting apart from change the volume.

    it works if i plug my headphones into the monitor but i would much rather have it through the monitor speakers.

    monitor: Asus VS248H

    any help greatly appreciated, thanks

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Have you tried playing the sound settings for the monitor?

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    You Can Also Try To Check That In Sound Settings When Choosing HDMI Click On Automatic Option Not On Manual Because Sometimes The TV Does not Support The Sound Formats Like 7.1 LINEAR PCM .Etc

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    Branno Guest
    i can't see any sound settings apart from volume.

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    niwakun Guest
    from what you said, it's obviously the monitor's speaker are defect since headphones out are fine.

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    rodq Guest
    Asus VS248H model doesn't have speakers.

    The VE248H model has speakers.

    So your monitor doesn't have built-in stereo speakers.

    End of story.

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    2die4uk Guest
    should work if you have hdmi in my AOC works perfect.

    are you sure your settings are setup correct?

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    NTA Guest
    I was stunned when I found out hdmi monitors didn't have speakers. I had one that did so I assumed they all did xD. Sad day for hdmi users

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    ichris26 Guest
    I prefer to buy separate speakers to use instead of the ones on the tv/moniters anyhow because of the options to make surround sound.

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