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Thread: Strict nat using fckpsn and 3.55 dex mw3 help?

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    gzowner Guest

    Strict nat using fckpsn and 3.55 dex mw3 help?

    Ok, I manage to edit the files and change it to 99.99 to make it stop asking for updates. I install the pkgs for the updates and i can get online. It does find games and scans through them all as normal. My nat is strict. I can get on BO with out issues, but MW3 is killing me. I travel, so my internet is base on hotels wifi connection and speed.

    My setup..
    laptop PC windows 7. firewall turn off.
    Running Fckpsn9c
    Cross over cable to ps3 3.55 dex, static IPs for fckpsn to work.. Can get online and connect to psn and play BO. MW3 it scans and finds games but will not connect.

    Wifi is connected to hotel internet. Can browse with out issues.

    So how can i get it out of strict mode? did the test and comes up level 2. even fckpsn saids level 2 denied errors..

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    niwakun Guest
    ask the hotel owner to enable uPNP on their side or make your IP address (to your PS3's IP, not necessarily in laptop IP) to demilitarized zone (DMZ)

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    gzowner Guest

    Dex Games limitations from HDD

    Ok, now that i got BO and MW3 working after reading and reading and guess what... reading on how to edit the parm files and other things. Question is that i try to move them to the internal HD and i get error that i must run from external. I set MM to internal with BD support and still get error.

    So I assume that i will always need to use a external source, USB stick or Drive? Is it possible for me to download the games to a folder on my laptop and run from that? since i must use it for fckpsn right now, might as well use the 1gig support i have on the network adaptor. And one other thing, before i got waist $ at a local redbox, what about movies them selfs? whats playable on the regular drive.

    Edit: OK, with the 4.xx DEX FW out, and FCKPSN has the certs, is there a way to force the 4.xx into NP mode so we can use it for FCKPSN? Edit the FW?

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