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Thread: Help identifying things on PS3 40GB motherboard?

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    SauceyWombat Guest

    Help identifying things on PS3 40GB motherboard?

    Here is a link to great pictures of what I'm talking about:

    Scroll down to "Step 43" and you'll see 2 rows of small square items outlined in light orange as well as 2 large square items outlined in dark orange/red.

    The 2nd row from the bottom is what I'm interested in. Any idea what those are? This particular row makes no contact with anything other than the motherboard. No type of heatsink at all and I'm wondering why.

    Here are some closer & clearer pictures of a 40GB PS3 CECHH01:

    This link mentions that the bottom row of items are "memory" and (in the pictures in the 1st link) the topmost large square is the NorthBridge chip.

    Funny thing here is that I was considering putting these type of heat sinks on the unidentified items I'm asking about, so maybe I don't need to worry so much about them. But I still want to know what they are and, since they are included in items that need thermal pads then why aren't they touched by anything like the Northbridge chip, memory chips, RSX, & Cell?

    Reason I'm asking is tomorrow I'll be reflowing my 40GB, & doing all the usual things to repair a YLOD situation. While I'm right there I'd like to do everything I can... like stick a heatsink on these 4 unidentified items

    Finally found a high resolution & magnifiable picture of my mobo. Click to magnify & the print is legible on those things I was asking about. The picture shows the two square items above the RSX/GPU as "R30W (on top & same as mine) & 7716J (underneath, but mine say "7538J"). The other two above the CPU show "R33" (on top & same as mine) and "727S" (underneath, but mine say "728S")

    One new, & last, question. Any idea how I can remove the battery? It looks like a giant watch battery (flat & circular). Do I just force it? It's on the right hand side of the mobo in the picture linked above.

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    windrider42 Guest
    I don't know. Aren't they thermal pads for the memory.

    As for the battery, don't force it. Just with a little flat screwdriver or something small, you will sort of lift in one corner to remove. Just like the batteries in a pc. Just take a close look. It should then pop out.

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    racer0018 Guest
    How did the reflow go. I was wondering cause sometimes it is better to use flux under them to help with it. But just let us know how it went. thanks

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