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Thread: PS3 CEX (Retail) to DEX (Debug) Conversion Method is Released!

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    fox460 Guest
    First step is to remove version spoofer.

    I don't know why people still wants to go back into CEX (kmeaw), but i see no difference between CEX's kmeaw and DEX 3.55!

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    ratboy112 Guest
    Haha totally forgot I got that installed! Yes I am on 3.55. Is there an easy How to guide?

    And will I be able to run my blu ray discs? (Games and movies) and play the rips on a external hdd?

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    fox460 Guest
    I'm using Russian language manual for CEX->DEX procedure, i think you can find good manual in this thread.

    Yes on 3.55 DEX you can use Blu-ray disks and yes - games that required 3.55 FW and yes movies also, and yes use your external drive to play old and new games that need 3.55 fw. But for fresh games you will need to update into 4.21 DEX and write game on external drive with ps3gen tool.

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    ratboy112 Guest
    So what you are saying is, that I will be able to play the newer games like Resident Evil 6 and Sleeping Dogs. But I won't be able to play 3.55 CEX fixed games like FIFA13 and Catherine?

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    fox460 Guest
    If you want to play RE6 or Sleeping Dogs - install 4.21 DEX.

    For Catherine or FIFA 13 - from 4.21 install 3.55 DEX.

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    ratboy112 Guest
    Is it possible to switch easily back and forth? Cause I don't have a dongle or something.

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    fox460 Guest
    no dongle required! just install 3.55 or 4.21 DEX. Also there is manual on this site.

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    ratboy112 Guest
    Thanks for the info! Do you have a link to the manual to update my 3.55 CEX to 3.55 DEX?

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    Hawkspleen Guest

    To Dex or not to Dex, that is the question?


    A very noob post here but I'm finding that coming to the PS3 scene late is causing me some serious misunderstandings (Ask me somthing about the Wii and I'm all over it!)

    Forgive me if I write this out in baby steps but after trawling the posts for hours I still can't find a yes or no answer.

    I currently have a PS3 on CFW 3.55 which works fine. I know that a lot of newer games require 3.6+. Is the only way to play these backups either to wait for a patched EBOOT or to convert the console from CEX to DEX? and I assume that there are multiple versioins of DEX.

    I have seen multiple guides on how to do a conversion but none really saying why I would want to?


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    ratboy112 Guest
    Apparently it is to play the newer games like Resident Evil 6 etc.

    I'm still searching for a EASY guide (I'm a complete noob and don't understand most of them ) did you happen to come across one?

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